Your Best Mind with Brain Lady Julie Anderson

Your Best Mind with Brain Lady Julie Anderson

13 Feb, 2023

This week on Entrepreneur Conundrum I am joined by the Brain Lady Julie Anderson.

Want to improve all aspects of your life, relationships, and businesses? Would you like to discover YOUR natural secret weapon? Do you want tips and tricks to access and maximize using this secret weapon? Then you will want hear everything that Julie is saying. Julie get a little giddy as she shares about all things related to maximizing the power of your brain and understanding of the brain personality connection and the mind/brain/body connection can improve your businesses, relationships, health and life. 

The field of neuroscience is revealing amazing things about the brain.  When this knowledge is applied you will become a more effective and understanding parent; thrive in your personal and professional relationships; and see an increase in your business growth and profitability!

These are just a few things that Julie brings to the table and speaks about with us today!

Key Questions

Virginia 01:02

Have you always been interested in how the brain works? 

Virginia 01:40

So is that kind of where you started your entrepreneurial journey? 

Virginia 04:40

So who's your ideal client? 

Virginia 05:12

So does that help them with their whole squirrel syndrome?

Virginia 07:41

you kind of mentioned that there's kind of like a common trend with entrepreneurs, and let's say getting them to focus more on their strengths. Is it? Let's say as simple as taking like a little test to figure out where our strengths are? 

Virginia 11:22

So how do you get in front of the entrepreneurial aspect for your clients?

Virginia 15:28

How would that affect your business?

Virginia 16:39

What do you feel is the biggest roadblock that's kind of there right now for that?

Virginia 22:28

So do you have like any tips or tricks how to get out of that little self sabotaging moment? To help us believe in ourselves or that positive self talk?

Virginia 28:17

What's some of the best advice that you have ever received?

Virginia 30:08

What's the best advice you've ever given?

Virginia 34:17

Is there anything that you'd like to share with us that we haven't touched on yet?

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