Worked over 200 Shopify retailers and helped them provide memorable customer experiences that drive growth in revenue and profit as Shopify experts and Clavijo specialists with Adam Pearce & Peter Gardner

23 May, 2022

Here?s how Adam Pearce & Peter Gardner helps business owners build the best experience for their customers.

Adam and Peter have worked with over 200 Shopify retailers to help them provide memorable customer experiences that drive growth in revenue and profit as Shopify experts and Clavijo specialists.Over the past four years they have grown one of UK's fastest-growing Shopify expert agencies, Shopify experts, and Clavijo specialists.

They have been growing into one of the UK's fastest-growing Shopify expert agencies bled commerce. And in that time, they've had the pleasure to help some of Shopify as best-loved brands tackle the growth that they have seen in their business.

In 2021, they were proud to have launched their unique on-demand digital department, it scrapped the traditional agency model for the benefit of their clients.


Virginia? 01:47 So how did you guys get started in this industry?


Virginia? 03:06 So who so do you work solely with Shopify owners? Or are there like online companies??

Virginia? 03:48 Do you have a niche within Shopify??

Virginia? 06:36 I guess the customer relations side? Like do you have any tips for us that we can maybe think about or how we can maybe implement with our business like with us and the listeners and stuff?

Virginia? 10:13 So true. So what do you guys do to get in front of your ideal customers?

Virginia? 15:28 Do you guys feel like there are any roadblocks that might be stopping you?

Virginia? 16:56 So Peter, what is the best advice that you have ever received?

Virginia? 21:10 Is there any advice that either of you would like to share with us that you're like this was a really, really good piece of advice that I have?

Virginia? 22:51 How is it been for you guys working with family? Working with each other?

Virginia? 25:48 What about Adam, you do more of the marketing aspect of it?

Virginia? 26:25 Peter, what are some of your favorite things that you like to do on your side of things?

Virginia? 28:12 So, Adam, it sounds like you have some marketing experience. How did you come into that role?

Virginia? 30:27 Is there anything that we haven't talked about yet that you guys wanted to share?

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