Virtually Famous Accelerator with Louise Courville

Virtually Famous Accelerator with Louise Courville

15 Nov, 2021

[00:01:00] VIRGINIA: So what made you, other than realizing that you had awesome skills to help entrepreneurs, what kind of made you do that shift? 

[00:02:40] VIRGINIA: So you went through a little bit of transition and stuff throughout your online journey the last few years. So who do you kind of focus with now?

[00:03:57] VIRGINIA: What do you do to get in front of them?

00:05:09] VIRGINIA: So what are some common mistakes that you see so many of your clients making?  

[00:16:03] VIRGINIA: So what are a couple of big goals that you're looking to achieve in the next years or two?

[00:16:42] VIRGINIA: So how would that goal change your business? 

[00:19:13] VIRGINIA:  So do you feel like there's anything that's stopping you from writing the book? 

[00:20:09] VIRGINIA: You alluded to ask you a question and so I'm assuming that what you're meaning is, so what you're doing right now to attract more business or to stand out and get visible online is that you're publishing everyday comment you had made?

[00:23:18] VIRGINIA: What would you say would be the best advice that you've ever given? 

[00:27:54] VIRGINIA: Was there anything that I haven't asked you that you would like to share with us? 


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