Unveiling Uncharted Triumphs: Trivelle Simpson's Journey from Tax Return to Multimillion Dollar Empire

Unveiling Uncharted Triumphs: Trivelle Simpson's Journey from Tax Return to Multimillion Dollar Empire

28 Aug, 2023

In the latest episode of Entrepreneur Conundrum, join us as we dive into the remarkable journey of Trivelle Simpson, the founder of Drive Group. With just his tax return in 2016, he transformed his business into a multi-million dollar empire. But that's not all – Trivelle is also an acclaimed artist and speaker, sharing his wisdom on the importance of perspective in success. Discover how his time at Shell Service Capital fueled his drive to venture out on his own, and why he believes that two lions in a room can either be a danger or a moment for mentorship. From client acquisition strategies to the power of word of mouth, Trivelle shares invaluable insights to help you scale your business. Don't miss this inspiring episode on the Entrepreneur Conundrum podcast. Subscribe, leave a review, and join us for the next episode!


- Trivelle Simpson's journey from starting Drive Group to becoming a multimillion-dollar company

- The importance of learning from both wins and losses

- Transitioning from Drive Group to Shell Service Capital and back to entrepreneurship

- Targeting North American clients and focusing on a mix of novice and expert clientele

- The power of word-of-mouth and the goal of making every lead a hot lead



Virginia 00:02:08 So what made you decide to go out on your own?

Virginia 00:06:14 Who is your ideal client?

Virginia 00:09:14 So how do you get in front of your ideal people?

Virginia 00:10:59 So do you have a referral program in place?

Virginia 00:12:46 So what big goals are you looking to achieve in the next year or two?

Virginia 00:14:57 So how would that goal affect your business?

Virginia 00:18:14 What's the number one roadblock that is in the way of you achieving that goal?

Virginia 00:21:01 Now for you to, come to the realization that you need to step into a higher role as the leader, is it just all of a sudden you're like, man, what's the bottleneck? Or is there certain, quarterly check ins that you do with yourself? How do you get to that realization?

Virginia 00:24:54 What's the best advice that you've ever been given?

Virginia 00:27:36 What's the best advice you've ever given?

Virginia 00:36:31 How does being self made affect you in approach to investments?


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