"Unveiling the Secrets of Business Growth with Jeffrey Hayzlett: Insights from a Renowned CEO and Business Celebrity"

18 Dec, 2023

In this podcast episode, join me as I sit down with Jeffrey Hayzlett, renowned business celebrity and CEO of C Suite Network. We dive into his journey and expertise in helping businesses grow, with his impressive track record of buying and selling over 250 businesses totaling around 25 billion in transactions.

We discuss the importance of being a trusted advisor and providing counsel based on personal experiences rather than just giving advice. Hayzlett shares valuable insights on time management, including the technique of time blocking and the principle of eliminate, delegate, or automate.

We also explore topics such as understanding your target audience, the impact of AI on the entertainment industry, and the significance of having a balanced life. Hayzlett's experiences, anecdotes, and practical advice provide valuable insights for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Join us in this insightful and engaging conversation on the Entrepreneur Conundrum podcast.

- Hayzlett's journey and expertise in helping businesses grow
- Emphasizing the importance of receiving counsel rather than advice
- Approach to time management and task prioritization
- Importance of creating great content and building a trusted community
- Exploring the impact of AI in various industries and the importance of staying informed


00:00:40 So can you give us the info, how did you end up where you are today?

00:01:39 Are you still buying and selling businesses?

00:04:21 How do you manage your time?

00:08:27 So owning a media company, how do you get in front of your ideal avatar?

00:12:30 What mediums are working for you right now?

00:15:26 What big goals do you have?

00:16:55 Do you feel like there's a roadblock in the way of achieving that balance?

00:24:16 What's the best advice you've ever received?

00:25:56 So based on that, what's the best advice you've ever given?

00:27:17 So what problem are you solving with C suite?

00:28:46 Does that also tie in with your thoughts on having that? It's critical to have a trusted community and the support around you?

00:33:25 Do you have any advice for us on increasing the life of our content?

00:40:23 Is there something that we haven't talked about yet that you would like to?


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