Unlocking the Power of Personalization: Eric Melchor's Journey to Success and Fulfillment

Unlocking the Power of Personalization: Eric Melchor's Journey to Success and Fulfillment

31 Jul, 2023

Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum! In this episode, we dive into the main idea of personalization and its importance in ecommerce. Our guest, Eric Melchor, takes us on a journey from founding a non-profit for kids fitness to becoming a personalization ambassador for Optimunk, a startup providing tools for unique customer journeys. We also discuss Eric's move to Bucharest, Romania, during the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges of working remotely while caring for a newborn and young child. With a focus on personalization, Eric shares his company's vision and future roadmap, including their Ecommerce Revolution reality show and Personalization Boot Camp. We touch upon the use of dynamic content in digital marketing and the importance of multiple projects for personal fulfillment. Eric emphasizes the value of quality friendships and making decisions based on avoiding regret. Join us for this insightful conversation and connect with Eric on LinkedIn. 

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- Eric's journey to Optimunk

- Family move to Bucharest

- Personalization in ecommerce

- Juggling work and parenthood

- Challenges with young children

- Podcasting for business and networking

- Goals for Ecommerce Revolution

- Use of dynamic content

- Roadblocks to success

- Importance of multiple projects

- Decisions and avoiding regrets

- Better lifestyle in Bucharest

- Building quality friendships

- Eric's career and beliefs



Virginia Purnell 00:01:40 So can you kind of share your journey with us on where you are today?

Virginia Purnell 00:03:10 Were you ever nervous to make that huge leap?

Virginia Purnell 00:09:05 So how do you get in front of your ideal avatars?

Virginia Purnell00:13:15 What are a couple big goals that you have that you're hoping to achieve the next year or two?

Virginia Purnell 00:15:19 So how would that affect your business?

Virginia Purnell 00:17:52 What do you think is your number one roadblock that's stopping you from hitting any of those goals?

Virginia Purnell 00:21:37 You've got a lot of different things going on in your world. How do you juggle everything and keep that balance?

Virginia Purnell 00:25:29 What's the best advice that you have ever received?

Virginia Purnell 00:26:13 How do you know the difference between whether you should go down that path, but you're just a little, let's say nervous too, versus it's not a good path?

Virginia Purnell 00:30:16 So what's the best advice you've ever given?

Virginia Purnell 00:32:50 Is there anything that we haven't touched on that you would like to touch on?


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Expat in Romania - Eric Melchor (US): We came here because we wanted to get away from the gun violence in the States

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