Unleashing the Power of Self-Discovery: Lessons from Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur Joel Green

Unleashing the Power of Self-Discovery: Lessons from Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur Joel Green

22 May, 2023

Join us for an upcoming episode of Entrepreneur Conundrum, featuring Joel Green, the CEO of Pro Level Training and national director of Nike Sports Camps. As a former professional basketball player and renowned motivational speaker, Joel shares his insights on how to extract strength from struggles in his upcoming book, "Filtering the Way." 

From childhood board game creation to running a successful company, Joel's entrepreneurial journey has been nothing short of inspiring. With a primary focus on Pro Level Training, Joel is dedicated to hiring the best coaches and trainers to ensure the success of the camps nationally. 

Not limited to just speaking to elementary, middle, and high school students, Joel now connects with adults on a personal level, making a significant impact. He prioritizes his son and fitness, allowing him to relieve tension or stress that comes with running a successful business. 

Joel's journey hasn't been easy, but he believes complaining will get you nowhere. Instead, he encourages individuals to complain less, do more, and just endure. Join us for this exciting episode, where Joel shares his insights on how to overcome roadblocks and achieve success in entrepreneurship.

- Joel Green: CEO of Pro Level Training, Nike Sports Camps
- Creating board games as a child
- Priority is Pro Level Training and hiring coaches
- Demographic: all ages
- Referrals bring impact, not just money
- Active on Instagram
- Goal: 100 camps nationally and internationally
- Priority: God, son, fitness
- Roadblock: finding dependable people
- Trusting others was difficult but necessary
- Best advice: don't let anyone limit you
- Focus on journey, childlike imagination
- Lean into self, find self-love
- Complain less, do more, endure


00:02:21 What kind of got you to start the entrepreneurial aspect?

00:04:32 With your motivational speaking, do you have a certain demographic that you speak to in that regard?

00:05:41 So you can answer this with either demographic or company in mind, but how do you get in front of your ideal avatar?

00:06:46 Are there certain social media platforms that you find work better for you or that you're on?

00:09:01 What do you do to make sure that you have a balanced life?

00:10:32 What do you feel is the number one roadblock that is affecting you getting to your big goals?

00:13:45 What's the best advice that you've ever been given?

00:15:46 What's the best advice you've ever given?

00:21:54 Do you have any tips on stop trying to live from false narratives?

00:25:46 Is there anything that you wanted to share with us that we haven't touched on yet?


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