Unleashing the Power of Intuition with Megan Camille

Unleashing the Power of Intuition with Megan Camille

06 Nov, 2023

In this captivating podcast episode, join me as I sit down with Megan Camille, a remarkable psychic and intuitive business consultant. She shares her inspiring journey of triumphing over unimaginable challenges to build successful businesses while empowering aspiring entrepreneurs. Through her profound principles and unwavering belief in the power of intuition, Megan has guided her clients to achieve monumental success. She also founded a nonprofit preschool and serves as a testament to the remarkable potential to create joyful and abundant lives. Tune in to discover Megan's incredible evolution as she shares strategies for reaching ideal clients, the importance of organic marketing, and the transformative power of embracing one's natural rhythm and intuition. Get ready to be captivated by Megan's story of entrepreneurship and personal fulfillment.

- Megan's journey from adversity to success
- Importance of impact in business
- Organic marketing vs paid marketing
- Social media and email marketing
- Setting goals and overcoming roadblocks
- Importance of automation in business
- Balancing joy and automation
- Quick decision-making and adaptability as a CEO
- Finding support in life and business
- Closing remarks and gratitude


00:01:32 So how did you decide to just start your own business?

00:05:12 who would you say your ideal client is?

00:06:13 what do you do to get in front of them?

00:08:14 On social media, what platforms do you tend to use?

00:10:28 What are some big goals that you have in the next year or two?

00:12:04 How would those goals affect your business impact, right?

00:13:15 What do you feel is your biggest roadblock?

00:14:18 It's like we're always our biggest roadblock in one way or another.  Is there any strategies or tips that you have to help boost you with the energetic aspect of it?

00:17:06 What's the best advice that you have ever received?

00:21:24 What's the best advice that you've ever given?

00:23:42 So do you have any tips on how to be a CEO and rocking it in the business world?

00:28:42 Is there anything that we haven't touched on yet that you would like to talk about?


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