Unleashing Resilience: Nurse Empowers Peers in Holistic Medicine & Personal Branding with Ashley Wynn-Grimes

Unleashing Resilience: Nurse Empowers Peers in Holistic Medicine & Personal Branding with Ashley Wynn-Grimes

14 Aug, 2023

Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum, where we dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship and uncover the secrets to success. In this captivating episode, we unravel the enigma of building resilience, explore the transformative power of holistic medicine, and unveil the art of building personal brands for nurses.


Join me, your host Virginia Purnell, as I engage in a thought-provoking conversation with the remarkable Ashley Wynn-Grimes. As a nurse who has dedicated herself to empowering fellow nurses, Ashley shares her awe-inspiring journey of transitioning from traditional nursing to unlocking the potential of holistic medicine. Brace yourself as she reveals the profound significance of the endocannabinoid system and its impact on our well-being.


Prepare to be captivated as Ashley unveils how a traumatic encounter with cyber theft redirected her path, leading her to a mission of educating others about holistic medicine. She passionately emphasizes the need to prioritize patient care and fearlessly exposes the shortcomings of our current healthcare system.


But that's not all. In this episode, we uncover the unique experiences of nurses who yearn for greater fulfillment in their careers, urging them to explore personal branding and expand their horizons. Ashley discovered that some nurses lacked confidence due to the stigma surrounding the cannabis industry. Ever the trailblazer, she established herself as an entrepreneur, inspiring others to do the same.


Discover the power of breaking free from limited perspectives as we delve into alternative opportunities within the industry. Ashley's expertise shines as she discusses the endocannabinoid system, shedding light on its role in maintaining harmony within our bodies. Her passion for educating others and witnessing their personal growth is truly inspiring.


Be prepared to gain invaluable insights as we explore personal boundaries in podcasting, the challenges of project management, and the art of organizing a business. Ashley unveils her ideal avatar – a female nurse feeling burnt out, who discovers the transformative power of cannabis. Join us as we unravel her strategic methods for reaching her target audience, from engaging podcasts and social media platforms to captivating speaking engagements and word-of-mouth referrals.


Ashley's vision for the future is nothing short of remarkable. Brace yourself as she shares her aspirations of launching a cannabis nursing school and establishing a home health center. However, she acknowledges the roadblocks she faces, navigating uncharted territory and embracing uncertainty. Her unwavering determination and willingness to seek advice from trusted advisors sets her apart.


Throughout this episode, we unravel the significance of embracing our emotions and the power of authenticity. Discover the role of cannabis in personal spiritual practices and its potential as a transformative medicine. As more states evolve their cannabis programs, education and information become paramount. Join us as we explore the various methods of consumption and the importance of understanding ratios and terpene profiles for desired effects.


But wait, there's more. We delve into the concept of resilience, offering advice on building strength and seeking resources during challenging times. Discover the hidden well of strength within you, as we explore the multidimensional nature of resilience and the power it holds in our lives.


Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation. Tune in to Entrepreneur Conundrum, subscribe, and leave a review. Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and transformed. Together, let us embark on a journey of resilience, holistic medicine, and personal branding for nurses. Stay tuned for our next captivating episode.


- Transition to holistic medicine and importance of endocannabinoid system

- Traumatic experience with cyber theft leading to new career direction

- Prioritizing patient care and shortcomings of healthcare system

- Building personal brand and expanding beyond current roles

- Educating others about the endocannabinoid system

- Personal boundaries in podcasting and challenges of project management

- Reaching target audience through podcasting, social media, networking

- Goals of growing team, stabilizing business, launching cannabis nursing school

- Importance of having advisors and thinking beyond limitations

- Advice on approaching everything with passion and authenticity

- Importance of confronting and dealing with emotions as leaders

- Cannabis as medicine and holistic approaches to health and well-being

- Need for education and information about cannabis

- Building resilience and seeking resources in challenging times

- Recognizing and accepting strength in various forms

- Choosing whose opinions and advice to prioritize

- Contacting Ashley on Instagram for questions or inquiries



00:03:52 What inspired you to help others build their personal brand and I guess become more than just a nurse?

00:06:55 Isn't there a receptor in every single cell, not just a but receptors in every single cell for those?

00:07:12 So you were able to teach other people about this really cool system so that they now know about it?

00:09:28 So who would you say is your ideal avatar?

00:10:29 So how do you get in front of them?

00:11:13 For social media channels, is there some that you prefer or do over others?

00:11:46 What are some big goals that you're looking to achieve in the next year or two?

00:12:20 How would that change your business?

00:13:17 What do you think is the number one roadblock that's kind of stopping you from getting there?

00:14:02 What's the best advice that you've ever given?

00:14:48 What's the best advice you've ever received?

00:16:48 You talk and promote about cannabis and how to use it as a medicine. Do you want to expand on that at all?

00:19:48 So you've had to learn resilience do you have any advice for those of us that might either be in a position where we're really needing some of that right now or to tuck away for those times when we do?

00:22:51 So just being aware of who you're letting affect you and not affect you?

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