Strategy Sprints, 90 Days of Focus with Simon Severino

Strategy Sprints, 90 Days of Focus with Simon Severino

15 Aug, 2022



Today our guest is Simon Severino and he is all about sprinting.  "We have worked with 524 CEOs to gain market shares in sprints." Simon

In 19 years of entrepreneurship Simon executed hundreds of go-to-market strategies with B2B teams around the globe.

He scaled his own consultancy and have retired from operations. He reached financial freedom and became an investor. Since then he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach financial freedom and has a firm that runs without being dependent on them.

Today, he shares his blueprints with B2B leaders like you. 

Tune in this week to learn more from Simon!

Key Questions:

Virginia 00:48

How you kind of are where you are?

Virginia 02:43

How was it when you came to realize that you had to fire yourself? And then actually going through with that, like, what were some of the thoughts that were going through your head?

Virginia 05:34

So you kind of find that that's one of the most common mistakes that you see with your clients. Is that their egos in the way?

Virginia 07:29

So is there a niche that you serve?

Virginia 08:48

So how do you guys get in front of them?

Virginia 11:21

What are some big goals that you're looking to achieve over the next year or two?

Virginia 13:03

Do you feel like there's any roadblocks or the what's the number one roadblock that you feel is kind of might be in the way from you achieving those goals?

Virginia 15:39

What is the best advice that you've ever received?


Do you give advice?


Simon Severino

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