Solving Car Seat Dilemmas for Traveling Families with Nelson Nigel at Kidmoto

Solving Car Seat Dilemmas for Traveling Families with Nelson Nigel at Kidmoto

24 Jun, 2024

Key Questions:

(01:27) How did you get on your entrepreneurial journey and where you are today?

(02:25) So you saw a need, you solved it. How was that journey like for you? Was it an easy fix?

(02:51) Do you have any regrets on it?

(03:31) Who would you say is your ideal client?

(04:37) Do you try to get your Google review, your Google presence then? So that you're the first in line when people search for that?

(04:56) Do you do social media posting and and stuff, too?

(06:17) What are some big goals that you're looking to achieve in the next year or two?

(09:59) With Kidmoto, what ages do you accommodate? Do you accommodate those still in bucket seats?

(11:15) As a parent, if I go to your app and I just put in the ages of my kids and what type of car seat that I'm looking for them?

(12:00) You're in about 40,000 cities right now. Is it a lengthy process to expand into more cities, or what's your statistics to be able to move into that city?

(13:23) You had mentioned expanding two other products as well. When those are in place, how does that affect your business?

(15:14) What do you feel is the number one roadblock that's getting in the way of getting all this going?

(18:33) What's the best advice that you have ever received?

(19:11) What's the best advice you have ever given?

20:41) So you have had a pretty big setback, even just with your, let's say, health history aspect, physically, and I'm sure the mental aspects that came along with that. How did you not let that keep you down?

(22:50) So how did you find, I guess, the strength to keep pushing forward and not letting not letting get knocked down keep you down? How do you always find the way to get back up?

(27:11) How much do you think you've grown since starting the Kidmoto?

(29:17) You don't think that there might be some other systems that they're putting in place which allows them to be able to create that balance?

(31:19) Is there anything that we haven't talked about yet that you would like us to touch on?

(31:44) Where can we go to learn more about you and what you do?


In this episode of Entrepreneur Conundrum, I, Virginia Purnell, talk with Nelson Nigel, the innovative founder and CEO of Kidmoto Technologies. Nelson shares his remarkable journey from being a yellow taxi driver in New York City to creating a thriving business that solves a significant problem for traveling families.

Nelson identified a critical gap in the market for safe car seat transportation in taxis and ride services, especially for parents traveling to and from airports. This led him to develop Kidmoto, a mobile app that connects parents with skilled drivers who provide secure car seats. Since its inception, Kidmoto has expanded to 52 U.S. cities, completing over 40,000 rides and achieving a seven-figure revenue in 2023.

Throughout the episode, Nelson discusses the challenges he faced, his approach to overcoming personal and professional obstacles, and the importance of effective communication and teamwork in a remote work environment. He also shares his ambitious plans for the future, including the launch of BabyMoto and BusMoto, which aim to serve new parents and transport airline and cruise personnel.

Join us as Nelson offers valuable insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the significance of hard work, resilience, and staying true to oneself.

Key Topics:

  • Nelson Nigel's journey from taxi driver to tech entrepreneur
  • Identifying and solving the car seat dilemma for traveling families
  • Overcoming personal and professional challenges
  • The growth and success of Kidmoto Technologies
  • Future expansions with BabyMoto and BusMoto
  • The importance of communication and teamwork in a remote work environment
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs


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