Revolutionizing Ecommerce Growth: Pink Leopard's Journey to Success with Laura Hanlon & Adam Smith

Revolutionizing Ecommerce Growth: Pink Leopard's Journey to Success with Laura Hanlon & Adam Smith

19 Jun, 2023

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Conundrum, where we bring you the latest insights and strategies on marketing. In this episode, we are joined by Laura Hanlon and Adam Smith, co-directors of Pink Leopard Ecommerce Growth Acceleration Agency. They share their journey and passion for helping  ecommerce businesses increase their bottom line through paid ads and email marketing.


What sets Pink Leopard apart is their people-focused agency, where they attract, retain, and cultivate the best talent. Laura and Adam emphasize the importance of understanding each business's unique requirements and direction to make considered recommendations for them to thrive online.


They also discuss the importance of an omnichannel approach to marketing, using multiple platforms together like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for optimal results. An emphasis is placed on retaining clients and the strategies that a successful agency has used to achieve this goal. The key takeaway is that an agency should take a holistic approach to client retention, focusing on various strategies to keep clients happy and engaged.


Additionally, they share their best advice, including the notion that you are your greatest resource, and the importance of giving your team as much information as possible to ensure alignment and better decision-making. In this podcast, Adam and Laura discuss the importance of being upfront and honest with employees to prevent rumors and maintain a positive workplace culture.


Don't miss this episode and gain insights to take your ecommerce business to the next level. Check out Pink Leopard's website and social media platforms for more information. Remember, enjoy the journey and reflect on accomplishments while pursuing entrepreneurship.


- Pink Leopard agency founders

- Passion for ecommerce growth

- Unique business requirements

- People-focused agency

- Ideal client avatar

- Channels for outreach

- Holistic approach to marketing

- Importance of omnichannel marketing

- Power of email marketing

- Revenue goals

- Hybrid remote work model

- Selectivity in clients

- Strategies for client retention

- Collaboration with other agencies

- Strategies for generating leads

- Spreading risk in business

- Importance of transparency

- Enjoying the journey



Virginia Purnell  00:01:30  So how did you guys get to where you are today?

Virginia Purnell  00:04:08  So did you sell off your ecommerce business or just kind of close the doors on it?

Virginia Purnell  00:04:56  So who would you guys say is your ideal avatar?

Virginia Purnell  00:05:58  How do you guys get in front of them?

Virginia Purnell  00:11:24  So what are some big goals you guys are looking to achieve over the next year or two?

Virginia Purnell  00:12:32  How would those goals change your business?

Virginia Purnell  00:15:23  What do you guys think is the number one roadblock that's stopping you from reaching your goals?

Virginia Purnell  00:17:17  Speaking of, speaking of your customers and stuff, or your clients, do m you have any tips on retaining clients?

Virginia Purnell  00:20:46   how do you guys generate a consistent flow of leads or a topic that you want to talk about? 

Virginia Purnell  00:23:47  So I'm going to ask you guys a couple of questions and I would like to hear the answers from each of you. Laura, if you want to go first, what's the best advice you have ever received?

Virginia Purnell  00:26:43  What's the best advice you've ever given, Adam?

Virginia Purnell  00:28:45  Is there anything that we haven't touched on that you wanted to share with us?


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