Retail, Patents, Trademarks and more with Anne Zuckerman

Retail, Patents, Trademarks and more with Anne Zuckerman

05 Dec, 2022

Today on Entrepreneur Conundrum I'm talking with Anne Zuckerman about how she is changing the lives of women and entrepreneurs, and is the president of Edith Inc, a company developed as an extension of a retail business. Her story is pretty fascinating how she built her business. After her mother's passing, and with the help of an engineer, developed and got the patent for Bezi Bra Discs an intimate accessory to camouflage protrusion, and in her company ETUs own the patent as well as the molds for busy broad desks, which are manufactured in the US and sold throughout the US. Which are manufactured in the US and sold throughout the US both wholesale as well as retail direct to consumer in 2022. And launched her top ranked podcast on iTunes just wanted to ask and is using it as a platform to educate and inspire entrepreneurs. 

Key Questions:


What can you tell us a little bit about like your journey to entrepreneurship and how you got to where you are today?


Do you do funnel building and stuff like that to for clients?


How long have you had your podcast for?


How do you get visible online so you mentioned podcasts? Is that more that one's not more for your for the Bezi Bra Discs though?


with your podcast, what do you do to gain visibility with it?


So what are some big goals that you have the next year or two?


What do you think your number one roadblock is? 


What would you say is the best advice that you've ever received?


What do you think is the best advice that you've ever given?

Virginia  30:19

Is there anything that you that we haven't talked about yet? 


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