Overcoming Fear and Anxiety: Strategies for Success with Stan Popovich

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety: Strategies for Success with Stan Popovich

11 Sep, 2023

Join host Virginia Purnell as she engages in an enlightening conversation with renowned author and anxiety expert Stan Popovich in this episode of Entrepreneur Conundrum. Discover Stan's effective strategies for overcoming fear and anxiety as he shares his personal journey and offers invaluable advice to individuals of all walks of life. With a diverse range of methods for reaching new audiences, Stan emphasizes the importance of providing free support and guidance online. In a saturated market, Stan and Virginia believe that their differentiating factor lies in the impact of their free advice, leaving an indelible mark on countless lives.

 Tune in to this captivating podcast and gain the tools to conquer your fears and anxieties for success.

- Stan Popovich's personal journey with fear and anxiety

- Providing free advice and support to those in need

- Reaching new audiences through various methods

- The importance of addressing mental health in decision-making

- Strategies for managing stress and anxiety



Virginia 00:01:54 Who would you say your ideal avatar or client?

Virginia 00:02:22 So what do you do to get in front of new clients?

Virginia 00:03:04 Do you share on social media?

Virginia 00:03:34 What are some big goals that you're looking to achieve the next year or two?

Virginia 00:03:52 How would that affect your business?

Virginia 00:04:08 What do you think is the number one roadblock that might be helping you from being able to reach that goal and to reach more people?

Virginia 00:05:07 What advice would you have for people who, you know, that fear of always trying to make the right decision? Do you have any fear for people or not fear? Do you have any advice for people who might be managing that in regards to their business and the right?

Virginia 00:07:09 Do you have any tips on balancing family, career and daily?

Virginia 00:08:33 Have you had anxieties of being a leader, like the impostor syndrome or however you want to look at it? Do you have any tips on that?

Virginia 00:10:49 What's the best advice that you have ever given?


Stan Popovich

Manage Fear, Anxiety, and Depression | A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear





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