Opening Business Opportunities in the Speaking Industry with Kerry Heaps

Opening Business Opportunities in the Speaking Industry with Kerry Heaps

24 Jan, 2022

We often take for granted our own voices.


Not many can speak their mind, especially about controversial things – matters of public concern.


We let our ideas, stories, and knowledge stay locked up in our heads, if it means we can avoid conflict or ridicule from those with opposing beliefs.


The problem with this is that we live in a society where each of us is called to serve one another. In keeping our thoughts to ourselves, we deny those we are called to serve of valuable learnings.


As entrepreneurs, we’re unable to serve our clients to the full extent when we don’t get to deliver the messages they need to hear.


Understandably, most people shy away from the stage because speaking your mind can be quite daunting.


This is where Kerry Heaps can help us!


Kerry is an entrepreneur of 16 years, and the president of Book.Speak.Repeat. She also hosts a Podcast show of the same name. On top of these, Kerry is also an author and a sought-after speaker.


Growing up in an entrepreneurial home was probably one of the biggest influences to her becoming an entrepreneur herself.


Kerry saw how her father worked hard in his business but was always able to make time for her as a child.


In the beginning, Kerry used to work jobs that others would consider great; however, she knew that there was something more for her.


She wanted to be in-charge of her own projects, she wanted to be in control of her time, and more importantly, she wanted to pursue what she was passionate about.


Today, Kerry helps others increase their speaking opportunities. She believes that everyone has different ideas they want to share, and different goals they want to achieve. Regardless of what those are, the power to effectively communicate is always a key component to success.


How is speaking relevant to business success? How does she reach her desired market? How does she leverage content to augment her visibility strategies?


Tune in to gain insights from the experiences of fellow entrepreneurs and learn more about setting your business up for success!


Time Stamps:

[00:05:25] VIRGINIA: Are you still doing the same business you did 16 years ago when you first went out on your own or have you kind of changed and evolved and stuff?

[00:08:52] VIRGINIA: Who is your ideal avatar or client?

[00:09:50] VIRGINIA: So how do you get in front of those people?

[00:13:34] VIRGINIA: What are a couple of big goals that you're hoping to achieve in the next one, two years?

[00:15:05] VIRGINIA: How would that all change your business?

[00:23:30] VIRGINIA: Do you feel like there's a roadblock that's kind of stopping you from reaching your goal of getting your books published by the first quarter or having the other people that you've been able to help?

[00:25:30] VIRGINIA: What would you say would be the best advice that you have ever received?

[00:26:54] VIRGINIA: What would you say the best advice that you have ever given?

[00:28:10] VIRGINIA: Is there anything that you would like to share with us that we haven't talked about today?


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