Navigating Introversion and ADHD in Entrepreneurship: Jodi Lasky's Expert Advice

Navigating Introversion and ADHD in Entrepreneurship: Jodi Lasky's Expert Advice

19 Feb, 2024

Episode Summary

Virginia Purnell interviews Jodi Lasky, an entrepreneur, coach, and speaker, who shares insights on how she assists people in harnessing their strengths and overcoming obstacles. Jodi's diverse background led her to create The Introvert Founder coaching program, aimed at helping introverted entrepreneurs succeed. She discusses her journey, from working various jobs to founding companies like Analyst First and The Pride. Jodi emphasizes the importance of aligning one's natural tendencies with entrepreneurial goals and discusses strategies for introverts in networking and leadership roles. She also touches upon ADHD, explaining its relationship with introversion and how it influences entrepreneurial approaches. Throughout the interview, Jodi stresses the significance of work-life balance, setting priorities, and leveraging tools to manage time effectively. She shares her vision of turning her coaching framework into a community-based app to reach more people. The interview concludes with Jodi offering a lead magnet for listeners interested in learning more about her framework.


Key Questions

(01:37) So how did you get to where you are today, your entrepreneurial journey?

(03:40) How does that feel to be back?

(04:17) Would you classify yourself as an introvert?

(04:23) How were those networking events for you?

(06:53) Who is your ideal My ideal client?

(07:35) Where do you get in front of these people? How do you get in front of them so that they know who you are?

(08:22) Is there a common theme that you find that your clients are doing before they come in to see you? And then maybe a tip on how, if that applies to any of us, how we can overcome that?

(11:09) So what is a big goal that you're looking to achieve in the next year or two?

(11:53) Would you try group coaching as a stepping stone to your app or just go straight to the app?

(12:36) How would having that app affect your business?

(12:51) What do you feel is your number one roadblock for accomplishing that?

(13:29) Are there any things you have found that help be able to make that differentiation or be like, All right, right now is not work time. I'm going to focus on?

(18:39) What's the best advice you've ever given?

(19:09) Can you share with us about introversion versus extroversion and entrepreneurship?

(22:36) What about ADHD and introversion?

(26:05) Is there's anything that we haven't touched on that you would like to talk about?

(26:48) Is there anywhere else that we can go to learn more about you?


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