Maximizing Entrepreneurial Success: Time Management, Passive Investing, and Financial Planning Tips from CEO Spencer Hilligoss

Maximizing Entrepreneurial Success: Time Management, Passive Investing, and Financial Planning Tips from CEO Spencer Hilligoss

24 Apr, 2023

Attention all entrepreneurs! Are you struggling to manage your time effectively while also planning for your financial future? Look no further than the Entrepreneur Conundrum podcast! In this episode, Virginia Purnell interviews Spencer Hilligoss, CEO of Madison Investing, about his journey as an entrepreneur and real estate investor. Spencer shares valuable insights on how to invest passively and secure your time by partnering with vetted operators. He also discusses the importance of intentional choices in one's career and the value of investing in real estate. Learn how to build your ideal customer persona, strategies for growing an investing club, and the importance of referrals in building a loyal customer base. The podcast also emphasizes the need for a sustainable and balanced approach to personal finances, with a focus on financial offense and defense. Plus, discover helpful tips on time management from the book "Essentialism" by Greg McEwen. Don't miss out on this valuable episode that will empower you to take control of your finances and time! Check out Madison Investing's website for even more resources and a free guide for passive investors. Join the conversation and be inspired to push boundaries and challenge assumptions in your own entrepreneurial journey.


Podcast: Time management, passive investing, and financial planning for entrepreneurs

- Interview with Spencer Hilligoss, CEO of Madison Investing

- His entrepreneurial journey and mission to help busy professionals invest passively

- Importance of intentional career choices and investing in real estate

- Building an ideal customer persona and strategies for reaching them

- Approaches to building and growing an investing club

- Importance of referrals and a balanced approach to personal finances

- Cultivating curiosity and challenging assumptions as a key factor in being a successful entrepreneur

- Importance of building relationships and treating employees with kindness and respect

- Financial planning for business owners who exit their businesses

- Recommendation of "Essentialism" by Greg McEwen for improving time management skills.



Virginia Purnell 00:01:36 can you tell us a bit about your entrepreneurial journey? 

Virginia Purnell 00:05:06 So who would be your ideal client or Avatar for Madison Investing?

Virginia Purnell 00:07:31 So how do you get in front of them, in front of your ideal client?

Virginia Purnell 00:11:44 You had mentioned a couple of times, like things that you wish you had known and things that you wish your club, people in your club before they join New. What are some of those things?

Virginia Purnell 00:15:27 So what's a couple of big goals or a big goal that you're looking to achieve in the next year or two?

Virginia Purnell 00:18:27 What is the best advice that you have ever received?

Virginia Purnell 00:20:23 So what's the best advice you think you've ever given?

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