How Energy Psychology and Quantum Physics Helps in Achieving Business Success with Teri Karjala

How Energy Psychology and Quantum Physics Helps in Achieving Business Success with Teri Karjala

14 Mar, 2022

The energies that we hold within our bodies are the same energies that shape the world around us.

As entrepreneurs, learning to harness these energies may be key to creating the impact we so desire.

However, topics like energy psychology and quantum physics, among other sciences that deal with energy, can prove to be difficult to relate to business (at first glance).

It’s easy to miss the connection between these sciences and the problems we face as entrepreneurs. And so, it’s quite a treat for us to be joined by Teri Karjala, an expert who understands and delves in these theories in relation to business!

Teri is a Life Transformation Strategist, and the Founder and Executive Director of Creative Counselling Center, LLC, a business that employs therapists offering counselling services to adults and families, adolescents, and children.

By putting together her counselling background together with energy psychology and by applying principles of quantum physics, Teri transforms people’s lives by clearing the unconscious blocks that hold us back.

Her first encounter with the craft was during her HS sophomore year, when she became a peer counselor to 5th and 6th graders in her school. One of the kids in her care admitted to having a friend who plans to commit suicide. Through proper intervention, the kid’s friend got the help she needed. It was then that Teri realized her passion and calling.

Fast forward to today, Teri focuses on serving women entrepreneurs get the help they need to reach the business success they’re meant to achieve.

One principle that most of us need to understand is that the energy (positive/negative) we put out is a direct reflection of what we’ll get in return. When we’re too encumbered by negative energies that take the form of impostor syndrome, the fear of public speaking, among other fears, we miss out on opportunities that can take our businesses to the next level.

On this episode, we let Teri show us how we can harness positive energies to unlock our full potentials as entrepreneurs so that we can positively change the lives of those we serve, and ultimately achieve business growth and success.

What other theories and principles are directly affecting our businesses? What are crucial strategies we need to improve ourselves and our businesses?

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Tune in to gain insights from the experiences of fellow entrepreneurs and learn more about setting your business up for success!

Key Questions & Time Stamps:

[00:01:01] Virginia : So how, how did you get to be where you are? How'd you get to take all of this wonderful information and become on the entrepreneurial journey?

[00:09:05] Virginia : So what are some common mistakes that you're seeing a lot of your clients making?

[00:15:59] Virginia : So you had mentioned that you do public speaking for this. What else do you do to get visible?

[00:19:20] Virginia : So what are some big goals that you have in the next couple of years?

[00:20:50] Virginia : Are there any roadblocks that are holding you back from achieving your goals?

[00:22:45] Virginia : So what's the best advice that you have ever received?

[00:28:09] Virginia : So you shared lots of great advice with us so far, but what do you think is the best advice that you've ever given?

[00:32:20] Virginia : Is there anything that we haven't talked about that you would like to share with us?


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