How Businesses Grow with Social Media To Seven Figures with Andre Kay

How Businesses Grow with Social Media To Seven Figures with Andre Kay

18 Jul, 2022

Your business needs a virtual presence and social media has become more than a trend. It is a fundamental piece of a business-promoting strategy.

To drive business development, posting on social media alone isn't sufficient. You must know how to create and execute marketing campaigns and strategies that are truly in line with your business.

Sociallybuzz helps with doing just that, they are an agency that specializes in using the power of social media to create highly targeted campaigns designed to get you more customers and sales

Are you looking to utilize different social media platforms to help you to interface with your clients, get more brand awareness, and increase your number of leads and sales. 

Listen to this episode with Andre Kay to learn more about how he has effectively constructed useful associations with the managers and leaders of different franchises and restaurants. He has reliably shown an extraordinary history of effectively overseeing complex deal cycles and developing pieces of the pie in serious business sectors for huge and private companies.

He shared one of the common mistakes that people usually do is beginning and then giving up too fast when the results are not coming in a few days later or in a week. 

If you want to grow your business with effective social media marketing strategies then you must connect with Andre Kay. He will guide you through building a proper road map for your social media plan.

Key Questions:

Virginia  0:45  - So can you kind of tell us about like how you got to where you are, like your entrepreneurial journey and stuff?

Virginia  2:40  - What kind of happened to give you that push to decide to do your own business?

Virginia  5:40  - So now with the work that you do, what do you like most about it?

Virginia  6:49  - So who would you say would be your ideal avatar?

Virginia  7:25  - So what are some of the common mistakes that you see those clients making?

Virginia  8:34  - So how long do you kind of tell them to like trust the process for?

Virginia  9:29  - So where are your ideal clients located? The US or worldwide?

Virginia  10:16  - How do you get in front of your ideal clients?

Virginia  11:05  - Are there certain platforms in the social media that you use?

Virginia  13:20  - So how would that change your business?

Virginia  14:21  - What do you feel is your top roadblock?

Virginia  15:10  - So what's the best advice that you have ever received?

Virginia  16:06  - What's the best advice you've ever given?

Virginia  20:48  - Do you have any advice to give for scaling a business to seven figures?


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