How Business Productivity Consultant Shanice Miller Helps Clients Automate, Scale, and Increase Revenue for Their Business

How Business Productivity Consultant Shanice Miller Helps Clients Automate, Scale, and Increase Revenue for Their Business

27 Mar, 2023

If you're a business owner who is looking to scale your business to new heights, then this episode of the Entrepreneur Conundrum is a must-listen! In it, Shanice Miller shares her expertise on how to create systems that will help businesses automate tasks and free up time to focus on growth. Shanice provides three steps for implementing these systems and offers her services to help businesses get started. By following her advice, you'll be on your way to increased revenue and efficiency

-The importance of systems in business
-How to avoid operational inefficiencies
-The best advice Shanice Miller has ever received
-The best advice Shanice Miller has ever given
-How to create a system for your business
-Shanice Miller's three steps for implementing systems




Virginia Purnell 00:01:30 Can you tell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey and how you got to where you are today?

Virginia Purnell 00:03:53 Did you ever think about taking your business off the market to implement those things and then try reselling it?

Virginia Purnell 00:04:46 Is there like a certain genre that you work with or who's your ideal client?

Virginia Purnell 00:05:51 What are some of the common things that are the first couple to get implemented?

Virginia Purnell 00:07:07 So how do you get in front of the coaches, consultants, business service providers, like your ideal clients?

Virginia Purnell 00:08:03 What are a couple of big goals that you're looking to achieve over the next year or two?

Virginia Purnell 00:09:19 How would those goals affect your business?

Virginia Purnell 00:10:10 What do you think is your biggest roadblock from reaching those goals?

Virginia Purnell 00:11:06 Do you have a certain automation tool that's your favorite?

Virginia Purnell 00:13:51 So how does ego and operational inefficiencies go hand in hand?

Virginia Purnell 00:17:40 What is the best advice that you have ever received?

Virginia Purnell 00:20:07 What's the best advice you think you've ever given?

Virginia Purnell 00:22:40 Do you have any tips that you can share with us or things to share with us in doing project management in our business?

Virginia Purnell 00:24:16 Is there anything that we haven't talked about yet that you wanted to share with us?


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