Helping successful business owners increase their profit margins without having to increase revenue with Melissa Houston

Helping successful business owners increase their profit margins without having to increase revenue with Melissa Houston

25 Apr, 2022

Here’s how Melissa teaches business owners how to create wealth through their businesses.

Melissa is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) who has over 20 years of work experience.

She is also the Founder of The Fractional CFO Agency where she works with Small to Medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as a Fractional CFO and the senior-level finance person in their business to ensure financial and business strategies are in place and that progress is being made. She monitors KPIs regularly, manages cash, provides audit support and many other finance functions.

In the past, she has worked with business owners and project managers in high-tech industries, public accounting and government. She has extensive experience with corporate accounting, financial planning, SRED work, Internal Controls and ITGCs.

Melissa is a columnist at, Entrepreneur and other large publications where Melissa shares her knowledge of personal and business finance with entrepreneurs. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs and business owners how vital it is as the CEO of their business to understand their business numbers.

Melissa is also the host of The Business Society™️ podcast.

She is a Financial Strategist for CEOs which helps successful business owners increase their profit margins without increasing sales, so they can put more cash in their pocket. In addition to offering Fractional CFO work, She also offer 1:1 coaching services and sell online digital courses.


Virginia  01:02 Have you always wanted to be a chartered accountant? Have you always been out on your own?

Virginia  02:35 Does it matter where that company is located? 

Virginia  03:05 how do you get out in front of clients now?

Virginia  05:25 Are there any common mistakes that you tend to see your clients making?

Virginia  07:54 What are some of your big goals for the next one to two years?


Virginia  10:13 Do you find what's the number one roadblock that you feel is holding you?

Virginia  11:21 Do you find that you do a lot of self-reflection?

Virginia 12:11 What were some tips, tricks and stuff that you did to help reset your mindset and stuff when it came around the debt and the wealth and wanting to wealth?

Virginia  20:20 Do you have any tips for helping us be able to optimize our profit margin?

Virginia  21:32 What's the best advice that you have ever received?


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