Helping business owners monetize their content with Ina Bakalova

Helping business owners monetize their content with Ina Bakalova

06 Jun, 2022

Here’s how Ina Bakalova helps business owners monetize their content. 

Ina graduated with a first-class degree from a top university and got fired from her first and only job. She's always known that she's wanted her own business, but she didn't know exactly what. She started investing in property, mostly for the money. In doing so she discovered her true unique place in the world, which is helping other educational creators and online business owners monetize their content and launch a consulting business.

Ina had a very small savings pot that she used to invest in the first round of making her product. She basically ran out of money and realized that if she wanted to have a business, a service-based business was probably a better idea. It's because she didn't want to invest vast amounts of capital.

Ina wanted a way to monetize what she already knew, without having to spend a lot of money doing that. And that's kind of how she got into social media and her online consulting.


Virginia  05:03 So do you work just with the realtor niche now? Or have you expanded that a little bit?

Virginia  06:36 So how do you stand out and get in front of your ideal clients?

Virginia  09:17 Do you have any new tips for any of our listeners that might be feeling like impostors at the moment until they are however you want to look at it? Like they're not feeling like they know enough that they actually know or are big in their area?

Virginia  10:36 What are a couple of goals that you have in the next few years?

Virginia  11:49 How would that affect your business?

Virginia  13:43 Do you feel like there's the main roadblock that might be stopping you from achieving those goals of your expansion?

Virginia  16:59 So what is the best advice that you have ever received?

Virginia  18:48 What was the best advice you've ever given?

Virginia  21:15 Do you have any tips on maybe working through that next thing or the other thing and just kind of focusing on that one thing?

Virginia  23:11 What do you wish you had known about the online business before you started?

Virginia  26:46 Is there anything else that you'd like to share with us that we haven't touched on yet or anything like that?

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