Harnessing the Power of High Sensitivity in Entrepreneurship: Heather Dominick Shares Strategies

Harnessing the Power of High Sensitivity in Entrepreneurship: Heather Dominick Shares Strategies

08 Apr, 2024

Key Questions

(00:34) How did you get to be where you are today?

(01:29) So what does being highly sensitive mean?

(05:49) Who would you say are your ideal clients?

(06:59) How do you get in front of those people?

(11:41) What are a couple of big goals that you have in the next couple of years?

(13:30) What do you feel is a big roadblock that's stopping you from, let's say, reaching more people or reaching your goals?

(14:27) What's the best advice you've ever received?

(15:37) What's the best advice that you've ever given?.

(16:16) What are a few of the strengths of a highly sensitive person?

(17:30) Why - do you feel like... Okay, regular productivity hacks don't tend to work for highly sensitive people. Why do you say that is? What's your take on that?

(21:40) You had mentioned something about mastering time. Do you find that that's, I'm going to say a downfall, for lack of a better word, that a highly sensitive person tends to have?

(25:54) Where can we go to learn more about you and what you do?


Show Notes

Introduction: Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia Purnell, where growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online. In today's episode, Virginia speaks with Heather Dominick, an expert in supporting highly sensitive entrepreneurs and leaders. Heather shares her journey of discovering her own high sensitivity and how it transformed her approach to entrepreneurship.

Key Points:

  • Discovering High Sensitivity: Heather recounts her realization of being a highly sensitive person (HSP) after 20 years of self-employment. She explains how learning about high sensitivity changed her perspective on herself and her business.
  • Understanding High Sensitivity: Heather defines high sensitivity as a trait where the nervous system is wired to take in stimuli at a higher degree. She discusses how unmanaged sensitivity can lead to overwhelm but also emphasizes the strengths that come with managing it.
  • Challenges and Strengths: Heather highlights the challenges faced by HSPs in traditional business settings and the importance of managing their nervous systems. She discusses the unique strengths of HSPs, such as intuition, empathy, and creativity.
  • Productivity for HSPs: Heather explains why conventional productivity hacks often don't work for HSPs and offers insights into developing a healthier relationship with time. She encourages listeners to embrace their high sensitivity and leverage it in their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Support and Resources: Heather shares her website, BusinessMiracles.com, where individuals can access assessments and resources to support their entrepreneurial journey as highly sensitive individuals.

Conclusion: Heather's journey and insights shed light on the challenges and strengths of highly sensitive entrepreneurs. By embracing high sensitivity and learning to manage their nervous systems, entrepreneurs can unlock their full potential and make a meaningful impact in their businesses and communities.


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