Harnessing Resilience and Solar Power: The Jeremiah Broz Story

Harnessing Resilience and Solar Power: The Jeremiah Broz Story

03 Jun, 2024

Key Questions

(00:29) Can you tell us a little bit about how you got to where you are today, your entrepreneurial journey?

(01:13) But I think one of the key things is, though, that You didn't stay down. You picked yourself back up again, right?

(05:10) Did you start that company or did you join them? 

(06:52) So you had mentioned about the shingles not holding up to a hailstorm. How do the solar panels hold up? 

(07:43) So it wasn't like the part where the sun hits?

(09:25) Your stone-coated steel, is that more like a tin roof type of idea? Does it have that look to it?

(14:03) Do you guys install a battery bank then that the solar energy is put into?

(14:22) So if let's say the power goes out on average, because I know a lot of variability there, right? Like my roof size, my house size, all But do you think it would be at least be able to run my main things, whether it's refrigerator or the furnace during a power outage?

(17:19) So I guess what I'm wondering is, In Colorado, would you notice that difference in the wintertime with the battery bank staying full versus being in Florida or Texas, where they would get more light?

(19:28) Some people might be wondering Oh, no. Do I have to have this whole big space to put all of these batteries if I do get the solar? How do you accommodate space with that?

(20:19) I would like to focus on the growth that your business has seen. Can you share a bit of that with us?

(22:33) Do you have any tips or things like that for how you scaled so quickly?

(28:47) What other ways do you guys get your name out there?

(29:17) Do you guys do anything with social media?

(29:54) Which states are you in? Are you in all over the US or just certain ones?

(30:46) So this past year, you doubled your business. What are some of your big goals that you have the next year or two?

(32:06) Having those install teams in each state would be huge in and of itself, just with the logistics of traveling and organizing people that can travel. But how would your goals of further development, your team in those states, and then the more battery installs, how would that affect your business? 

(35:17) So what do you feel like is your number one roadblock from getting there?

(37:30) What is the best advice that you've ever been given?

(40:59) So on that note, what's the best advice you've ever given?

(44:27) Do you offer mentorship or leadership training or anything like that to people outside of your solar workspace?

Episode Notes

Episode Notes: Interview with Jeremiah Broz

Guest: Jeremiah Broz, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Energy Advantage

Host: Virginia Purnell

Overview: In this episode, Virginia Purnell talks with Jeremiah Broz about his entrepreneurial journey, the evolution of his solar energy business, and the strategies he employs for success. Jeremiah shares his insights on leadership, resilience, and the importance of making a positive impact through his work.

Key Points:

1. Entrepreneurial Journey:

  • Jeremiah's challenges with traditional employment and his drive to be his own boss.
  • Experiences of failure and perseverance through business dissolutions, bankruptcy, and personal hardships.
  • Importance of quickly rebounding from setbacks and maintaining tenacity.

2. The Genesis of Energy Advantage:

  • Transition from the roofing industry to solar energy.
  • Motivation to create a sustainable business model integrating storm restoration with renewable energy.
  • Initial challenges and growth in the solar industry.

3. Solar Energy Insights:

  • Discussion on the durability of solar panels versus traditional roofing materials.
  • The benefits of combining solar panels with stone-coated steel roofing.
  • Financing options and long-term cost savings for homeowners investing in solar energy.

4. Company Growth and Scaling:

  • Jeremiah's business expansion from solo operations to a multi-million dollar company.
  • Bringing on a partner to enhance operations and management.
  • Key strategies for scaling, including focusing on people, product, and process.

5. Leadership and Team Development:

  • Jeremiah's approach to developing and managing a successful team.
  • The importance of clear roles and responsibilities within the organization.
  • Effective leadership through goal setting, field coaching, and performance reviews.

6. Marketing and Customer Acquisition:

  • Various methods used to generate business, including referrals, cold calling, door knocking, and social media.
  • The role of educational and promotional content in marketing efforts.

7. Future Goals:

  • Plans for expanding into new states and establishing local leadership teams.
  • Increasing the percentage of solar installations that include battery storage.
  • Aspirations to develop and white-label proprietary energy products.

8. Personal Insights and Advice:

  • The significance of acting with integrity and thinking about long-term legacy during challenging times.
  • The best advice received: Acting in a way today that you want to be remembered in the future.
  • The importance of empathy and understanding in personal and professional interactions.

9. Mentorship and Giving Back:

  • Jeremiah's passion for mentoring youth and other entrepreneurs.
  • His unique approach to mentorship, focusing on accountability rather than financial compensation.


  • Final thoughts on the importance of letting one's light shine and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Jeremiah's contact information and where to learn more about Energy Advantage.


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