Give Your Strategy Enough Time to Work with Noemi and Gabor

Give Your Strategy Enough Time to Work with Noemi and Gabor

26 Sep, 2022

Today I'm talking with the Noemi and Gabor about how they help entrepreneurs acquire more customers, increase demand and generate more engagement. 

Noemi and Gabor are the owners of the podcast connections. A husband and wife team and they have worked together for 13 years. They help entrepreneurs and business owners share their knowledge and connect them with quality podcast shows. Gabor is the founder and co owner of podcast connections. He has been doing online marketing since 2008. And he is dedicated to helping experts grow their business with interviews. And Noemi is the co owner of podcast connections, and she started working in the online field back in 2007.  

What is Podcast Connections all about you ask... tune in to find out more.

Key Questions:

Virginia 03:26 So how has it been working together for 13 years? Do you have any data or any tips for those of us that do do a husband and wife team?

Virginia 05:40 So when you guys first started, you'll notice that there weren't very many females sharing their expert tees. So who's kind of like your guys's target audience now?

Virginia 07:50 So how do you guys get in front of those people?

Virginia 09:49 Is there something that a common issue that you see your your clients doing That, are your ideal clients doing that you kind of wish that they knew more about, like common mistakes that they're making?

Virginia 11:19 When you said that they don't really give the strategy enough time. I know, with some others, at some other platforms they say to do it's three months. But I know if podcasting, it might be a little bit different just from when I have the interview to when the interview airs and stuff like that. So do you guys kind of have a benchmark to at least give it X amount of time?

Virginia 13:51 Do you guys go back and listen to all of the interviews once they air for the guests that you've done?

Virginia 15:57 I'm sure you guys do the same thing to listen to a few episodes from the hosts podcast that you're reaching out to vent to, right?

Virginia 17:26 Where do you guys were working in a different company?

Virginia 18:59 What are some big goals that you guys are looking to achieve over the next couple years?

Virginia 20:03 What would that do for your business? How would that change it?

Virginia 20:51 What do you feel is the number one roadblock that's kind of holding you back from from expanding the way you want to?

Virginia 21:53 Do you guys find it  hard to remove yourself from the business?

Virginia 24:38 What's the best advice that you guys have ever received? 

Virginia 26:59 What's the best advice you guys have given?

Virginia 29:28 What's your advice on starting out with your podcast pitch?

Virginia 30:42 Do you have any tips on follow up?

Virginia 33:17 Is there anything that you guys wanted to share that we haven't talked about yet? 

Virginia 34:34 Do you guys have any tips for any of our listeners who would like to be a guest on a podcast but they're scared or leery about getting out there and doing their first show and stuff like that?


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