From Occupational Therapy to Energy Fields: Michaela McGivern's Transformational Healing Journey

From Occupational Therapy to Energy Fields: Michaela McGivern's Transformational Healing Journey

11 Mar, 2024

Key Questions:

(01:39) How did you get to be where you are today?

(05:18) Are there a few different modalities that you always seem to draw on, let's say today, when you help people?

(10:49) How do you help people with their business stuff?

(20:14) So How do people find out about you? How do you get in front of your, let's say, ideal clients?

(23:35) What's the best advice you have ever received?

(31:11) So what's the best advice you've ever given?

(36:45) With entrepreneurs, business owners, lots of times they get really focused and involved on what they're doing and their businesses, and they tend to lose themselves. So do you have any tips on how maybe to avoid that?

(43:56) Where can we go to learn more about What are you and what do you do?

**Episode Summary:**

In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into the world of spiritual healing with Michaela, a seasoned psychic, medium, shaman, and energy medicine practitioner. With over 23 years of experience, Michaela shares her journey from a career in occupational therapy to embracing her innate abilities to heal and guide others on both personal and business fronts. Discover the transformative power of intuition, deep listening, and energy work in healing emotional wounds, addressing multi-generational traumas, and guiding businesses towards success.

**Key Topics Covered:**

- **Michaela's Journey:** Transition from occupational therapy to exploring the subtle realms of energy medicine and psychic intuition.

- **Healing Beyond the Physical:** Insights into how emotional and psychological traumas manifest in the physical body and the importance of healing these aspects.

- **Intuition and Deep Listening:** The critical role these skills play in Michaela's practice, aiding in the healing process and guiding clients towards their authentic selves.

- **Multi-Generational Healing:** The impact of resolving one's traumas on past and future generations, and the cultural aspects of healing.

- **Energy Work in Business:** How reading a business's energy structure and conducting shamanic clearings can resolve conflicts, improve dynamics, and lead to success.

- **Dealing with Negative Energies:** Michaela's experiences with clearing spaces of negative energies and spirits, and how such energies can impact individuals and businesses.

- **The Power of Forgiveness and Compassion:** Reflections on how these qualities can facilitate healing and understanding in one's journey.

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