From Law to Leadership: April Roberts' Path to Empowering Women

From Law to Leadership: April Roberts' Path to Empowering Women

01 Jul, 2024

Key Questions

(00:48) How did you get from being, let's say, in the corporate world and some pretty prestigious positions to being where you are today?

(09:26) How did you come to the business that you have now? How did you decide to coach other women and to have them, I guess, choose their authentic path?

(14:08) Who do you work with now?

(17:16) How do you get in front of those women?

(18:59) Are you using your podcast as a lead gen aspect, where you're hoping to get the guests that were on into your program?

(20:56) You had mentioned that you're starting a coaching group for those over seven figures. Is there any other big goals that you have in the next year or two?

(21:55) Do you do one-on-one coaching or just group coaching?

(22:16) What do you feel is the number one roadblock from you getting your seven-figure business plus business coaching aspect launched and then scaling everything?

(23:51) What's the best advice you have ever been given?

(25:00) So do you have a little routine that you do? Do you do meditate through that?

(26:02) What's the best advice then that you have ever given somebody?

(27:14) Can you share a little bit about the feminine energy in business?

(30:33) Do you have any tips on how to tap into feminine energy?

(31:55) Do you have any tips on doing the feminine energy during sales?

(34:40) So, is there anything that we haven't talked about that you did want to touch on?

Episode Notes

In this episode of Entrepreneur Conundrum, host Virginia Purnell talks with April Roberts, a former attorney and financial advisor turned life coach. April helps Gen-X women achieve more abundance, love, spirituality, and alignment by connecting with their femininity. With degrees from Vanderbilt and Notre Dame, April brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her coaching practice, helping women navigate the societal pressures that often lead to burnout.

April shares her journey from prestigious corporate roles to becoming the founder of Vixen Gathering, where she mentors female entrepreneurs. She discusses the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies in business, the challenges women face in receiving and resting, and practical tips for achieving personal and professional growth. April also highlights her programs designed for female entrepreneurs at different stages, from startups to seven-figure businesses.

Tune in to hear April's inspiring story, her insights on living a true, authentic life, and actionable advice for women seeking to grow joyfully in their careers and personal lives.

Key Takeaways:

- April's transition from corporate law and finance to life coaching.

- The significance of balancing masculine and feminine energies.

- Strategies for avoiding burnout and learning to receive and rest.

- Overview of April's coaching programs for female entrepreneurs.

- Tips for achieving growth with joy and peace.


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