Finding Your 'Why': Insights from Donnell King on Entrepreneurial Success

Finding Your 'Why': Insights from Donnell King on Entrepreneurial Success

10 Jun, 2024

Key Questions

(00:55) How did you end up where you are today in your whole entrepreneurial journey and such?

(14:59) Could you share some of or any of the questions?

(20:46) So with your books and coaching and stuff like that, how do you get in front of your ideal people?

(25:32) So are you drawing them over into like an email list? Like, where does your tribe hang out at?

(28:24) So are you self publishing them or going through a traditional publisher?

(32:24) How will having all those books out, how will that affect your business? And what's kind of your end? I don't want to say end goal, but, like, your big goal of that.

(34:49) So what's the best advice that you have ever been given?

(39:07) So is that the best advice you've ever been given or that you've ever shared with others that you've received or that you've given?

(40:11) Thank you. Where can we go to learn more about you and what you do?

Episode Notes

  • Guest: Donnell King, author, speaker, pastor, and college professor
  • Topics Discussed:
    • Donnell's journey in helping professionals and leaders connect with their "why"
    • The significance of curiosity and passion in personal and professional growth
    • Insights from Donnell's book, "The Way of the Three-Year-Old Why"
    • Balancing professional ambitions with family responsibilities
    • The power of storytelling and effective communication
    • Building a sustainable business and maintaining focus on long-term goals

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