EC 77 : Be an Amazing Human with Stephynie Malik

EC 77 : Be an Amazing Human with Stephynie Malik

13 Sep, 2021

[00:03:44] VIRGINIA: So, did you just take the leap at, or did you stay at corporate while you built up the other one? 

[00:05:42] VIRGINIA: So you work basically two different areas with in your company. So you have the crisis side and then you have the consulting side, correct? 

00:08:27] VIRGINIA: So how do you get in front of each of your individual avatar on those your ideal clients?

[00:10:48] VIRGINIA: So is there kind of like a technique or a tip that you wish more of your clients knew about?

[00:12:54] VIRGINIA: So what are some of your big goals that you're looking to achieve over the next one to two years? 

00:17:22] VIRGINIA:  So how would those goals change your business?

[00:21:20] VIRGINIA: So do you think there's a roadblock of what do you think it might be? 

[00:28:27] VIRGINIA: What would you say would be the best advice that you have ever given?

[00:31:30] VIRGINIA: Wow. So that's the best advice you've ever been given?

[00:35:07] VIRGINIA: One thing I did want to ask though, so if you don't know what you don't know, do you have any tips around that? 

[00:40:19] VIRGINIA: So is there Anything else that you wanted to share with us that I haven't asked you yet?

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