EC 73 : Family Freedom and Affluence with Shayla Boyd-Gill

EC 73 : Family Freedom and Affluence with Shayla Boyd-Gill

16 Aug, 2021

VIRGINIA: [00:01:03] So when you started this, so were you an entrepreneur before you started homeschooling?

VIRGINIA: [00:03:40] Did you find that it kind of took the love. of, or like the enjoyment out of it, away for you. 

VIRGINIA: [00:05:00] I think his name is Eric Edmonds, but he was like, if you are going to start a business because you love it, build it and set it up in such a way that you have an exit strategy, like a legitimate way of selling your business in five years, because interests change.?

VIRGINIA: [00:08:11] Do you ever feel torn or did you ever feel torn?

VIRGINIA: [00:11:11] you are mainly focused with service-based businesses, but who would be like your ideal avatar? 

VIRGINIA: [00:12:24] Do you have like a quick tip that you could give on how they can maximize their time? Like, what would you suggest?

VIRGINIA: [00:16:38]When you ask them that question, do you kind of give him like a range of what the price would be too? 

VIRGINIA: [00:17:26] So how do you get in front of your new prospects, clients, customers, like what are you doing that way? 

VIRGINIA: [00:19:25] With, like the pre COVID you were going out and getting speaking and stuff like that, have you kind of restructured or rethought about, moving forward as things open up, what your plans are with that?

VIRGINIA: [00:21:18] So, do you, what are some of your goals that you have over the next couple of years? 

VIRGINIA: [00:26:53] Do you think there's anything holding you back from achieving your goal? 

VIRGINIA: [00:28:24] Now what's the best advice you've ever received? 

VIRGINIA: [00:30:09] How long was it until you were able to see like, say like multiple or six-figure success that you're able to achieve?

VIRGINIA: [00:33:13] what's the best advice that you have ever given?

VIRGINIA: [00:34:25] How can everyone find out more about you and what you do? 

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