EC 72 : The CEO Partner Sonaya Williams

EC 72 : The CEO Partner Sonaya Williams

09 Aug, 2021

VIRGINIA: [00:01:06] So what made you want to go out on your own? 

VIRGINIA: [00:02:52] Who do you say your target audience or your niche is for your avatar?

VIRGINIA: [00:03:58] How was this past year for  you? Were you able to grow a lot with COVID and everything? 

VIRGINIA: [00:05:06] So how do you get in front of your ideal avatar, your ideal clients? 

VIRGINIA: [00:06:27] So your magazine, is it free or the subscription based fee?

VIRGINIA: [00:08:19] What Are a couple common mistakes that you see some of your clients making?

VIRGINIA: [00:11:56] How long would you say that they should be consistent for when they quote unquote try it?

VIRGINIA: [00:13:04] What's a big goal or two or that you're Hoping to achieve the next couple of years? 

VIRGINIA: [00:14:21] So how do you think it would affect or change your business by implementing the done for you or the group style aspect? 

VIRGINIA: [00:17:31] So do you think there's any roadblocks from getting those implemented?

VIRGINIA: [00:18:18] What's the best advice that you have ever received?

VIRGINIA: [00:19:09] So what do you think the best advice that you have ever given is?

VIRGINIA: [00:19:27] Do you think it's like a societal thing that we don't test ourselves? 

VIRGINIA: [00:21:05] So is there anything that we haven't talked about yet that you would like to share? 

VIRGINIA: [00:22:48] So your why was really big on keeping you motivated?

Sonaya Williams

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