EC 68 : Going Beyond Revenue with Connie Vanderzanden

EC 68 : Going Beyond Revenue with Connie Vanderzanden

12 Jul, 2021

VIRGINIA: [00:03:07] Do you feel like being an accountant kind of helped you on the entrepreneurial journey? 

VIRGINIA: [00:04:47] So is that the most common mistake that you see your clients making is not making it sustainable?

VIRGINIA: [00:06:02] the ideal client is female entrepreneurs. Is there kind of like a niche within that or is it kind of broad with that? 

VIRGINIA: [00:07:20] So do you offer like group coaching then so that they can like lean in and chat with others as well?

VIRGINIA: [00:08:52] So how do you go about getting in front of potential customers and clients??

VIRGINIA: [00:11:00] Do you have any other like big goals in the next couple years that you hoping to achieve? 

VIRGINIA: [00:12:00] So how will that affect your business? 

VIRGINIA: [00:12:46] How you're paying it forward. Do you feel like you need, if there's any roadblocks. Kind of stopping you from getting there? 

VIRGINIA: [00:15:06] So what's the best advice that you have ever received? 

VIRGINIA: [00:16:29] What's the best advice you've ever given?

VIRGINIA: [00:18:09] So what's something that you love doing in your business right now? 

VIRGINIA: [00:22:13] Where can we find out more about you and what you do?



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