EC 65 : The power of language influenced persuade

EC 65 : The power of language influenced persuade

21 Jun, 2021

VIRGINIA: [00:03:10] So, do you like Zig Ziglar comes to mind when you were talking? Do you like, have you referenced any of his training in your past or anything like that? 

VIRGINIA: [00:06:42]  So do you know what the success would be is, or is using this type of language with cold? 

VIRGINIA: [00:08:59] So Have you or your students, do you know how well using this type of language works with opportunities with other people that we have yet to gain a relationship with? 

VIRGINIA: [00:12:46] So what do you do along with podcasts to get in front of new people? Or they get in front of your ideal clients. 

VIRGINIA: [00:13:58] And you kind of funnel everyone from those channels into email don't you so that you can capture them that way? 

VIRGINIA: [00:16:34] So you've started using Instagram as a, another medium for reaching others. But what are some of your big goals that you have for the next one to two years?

VIRGINIA: [00:19:50] So along with all this other wonderful tidbits that you've shared with us, what is the best advice you've ever received? 

VIRGINIA: [00:20:36] So how have you taken that advice and applied it? 

VIRGINIA: [00:28:31]  What's the best advice you've ever given?

VIRGINIA: [00:29:06] Is there anything that you want to share with us that I have not asked you yet? 

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