EC 64 : with Julie Broad Self-Publish and Suceed

EC 64 : with Julie Broad Self-Publish and Suceed

14 Jun, 2021

Virginia: [00:02:55] So do you think they were put you in a position where you're like, wow, I really need to go with them?

Virginia: [00:03:35] Do you have a lot more publishers that approached you to do your next book with? 

Virginia: [00:07:06]  So do you teach more focus on, this is how we market your book. Or do you also focus too on like, this is how you would get your book written or like things like that, or how do you do that? 

Virginia: [00:11:21] So if I came to you, I was like, Hey, I want to write a book. So would you help guide me through that process or is it better if I come through and be like, Hey, I want to write a book about this to these people, did this type, the person?

Virginia: [00:14:19] So who's your ideal client?

Virginia: [00:14:56] How do you get in front of them? 

Virginia: [00:15:32] So what are some goals that you guys have in your business? 

Virginia: [00:16:08] Do you feel like you have any roadblocks in your way?

Virginia: [00:17:03] What's the best advice that you've ever received? 

Virginia: [00:18:13] What's the best advice you have ever given.?

Virginia: [00:20:39] So, do you help them with marketing plans as well? Like. share it or start promoting at this time or kind of that type of idea too.?


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