EC 53 : with Jean Miller The Art of Home Schooling

EC 53 : with Jean Miller The Art of Home Schooling

29 Mar, 2021

Virginia: [00:01:03] Thanks. So what kind of brought you on the journey to, branch out and I guess you'd have start your business, like helping other homeschool families?

Virginia:  [00:02:18]So what do you like most about the work that you do? 

Virginia: [00:04:12]  So I don't really want to say that as mistakes, but is there like a common trend that you see. Some of the homeschoolers.

Virginia: [00:12:26]So who's your ideal clients? Do you have a broader niche or is it just like whoever is a parent?

Virginia: [00:14:38] How do they find you? Do you run Facebook ads? Do you like, how do you get out in front of those ideal clients? 

Virginia: [00:19:07] What are some big goals that you have for the next one to two years? 

Virginia: [00:21:12]  So how do you think that'll be able to change your business? 

Virginia: [00:21:57]  Do you feel like you have any roadblocks that. From help from you achieving that?

Virginia: [00:24:25] What's the best advice you've ever given? 

Virginia: [00:25:52] So is there anything that you'd like to share with us that I haven't asked you yet?

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