EC 48 : wih Junaid Ahmed

EC 48 : wih Junaid Ahmed

22 Feb, 2021

Virginia [00:01:01] So what inspired you to be an entrepreneur? 

Virginia [00:08:02] Are there any other common mistakes that you see people making other than just the lighting?

Virginia [00:09:46] How do you get in front of them? Do you just do YouTube videos or do you do ads on Facebook? How do you do that? 

Virginia [00:11:20] Do you also do kind of like SEO or keyword targets when you label your videos and stuff like that? 

Virginia [00:15:13] Do you have any goals in the next one, two years that you're looking to achieve? 

Virginia [00:17:30] You say prepare for what looks like the number one roadblock for helping you achieve those goals?

Virginia [00:20:06] With all the success that you've achieved, what is your biggest challenge now? 

Virginia [00:21:17] Totally understand. And I wonder if it's because, like you asked to be on your show, there's no sale involved. Basically, it's almost like no rejection in some ways. Exactly. Kind of setting it up a little bit. What is your best advice that you have ever received? 

Virginia [00:22:18] I like it, but the best advice you have ever given?

Virginia [00:22:43] That's funny. Is there anything that you would like to share with us that I haven't asked you yet? 

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