EC 42 : with April Dawn

EC 42 : with April Dawn

11 Jan, 2021

Virginia [00:01:20] So how did you get started on this entrepreneurial journey?

Virginia [00:05:10] What do you like most about the work that you do?

Virginia [00:05:56] So building on that, what are some of the most common mistakes that you see your clients making?

Virginia [00:10:19] So with what you do, how do you find the people don't really have the warm audience that they need?  How do you solve those problems? 

Virginia [00:11:35] But who is your ideal client?

Virginia [00:12:15] How did your ideal client find you? What do you do to stand out there, to get noticed, to get in front of them?

Virginia [00:13:42] You have a goal to leave Canada. So do you have any other big goals in relation to your business type of.

Virginia [00:14:19] What would that do for your business?

Virginia [00:16:39] What's the best advice you've ever received?

Virginia [00:18:40] What do you think the best advice you've ever given is?

April [00:19:35] Can I ask you a question?

April [00:19:40] What would you say to entrepreneurs who are newer in the space, who are still trying to like figure themselves out and figure out their bearings, like what what would you have to say to be able to guide them and help them forward?

April Dawn

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