EC 24 : with Tammy Bragg

EC 24 : with Tammy Bragg

07 Sep, 2020

01:44 Tell us about like maybe what inspired you to become an entrepreneur and go out on your own? 

06:07 Would you say that's the part that you like most about the work that you do worth or anything else? 

07:41 What would an ideal plan client be for you, an ideal client? 

11:31 How do your idea clients find you? 

12:37 What are some big goals that you're hoping to achieve the next couple of years? 

13:49 What would this goal do for your business? 

14:31 What do you think is your number one roadblock from helping you meet your goal? 

18:51 What is the best advice you've ever received? 

20:56 Is there anything that I haven't asked that you would like to share with us? 


Virginia Purnell

Virginia lives in Northern Alberta on a small farm with her husband and three children. Virginia is a master funnel builder having been certified as an FG Society Master Marketer, Funnelytics, and ClickFunnels Certified Partner. She uses that knowledge to help businesses with their online presence, visibility, and sales.