EC 21: with Emma Bates

EC 21: with Emma Bates

17 Aug, 2020

00:55 So could you tell us a little bit about yourself in terms of maybe your background experience, kind of where you are today? 

01:25 What do you like most about the work that you do? 

04:11 What are some of their most common mistakes that you see your customers making? 

05:19 What's the best advice you've ever received? 

07:39 What's the best advice you've ever given? 

08:34 Thank you. So what is your ideal client like? Who are they? 

09:29 How does your ideal client generally find you? 

10:08 What are some big goals that you're looking to achieve over the next one to two years? 

11:52 Do you think when you do figure out what they are, do you think you might go more for, let's say, a financial goal or more for, let's say, time, freedom time with your family? 

13:13 normally I ask people what their number one roadblock is to achieving that goal. 

13:46 So you had mentioned referrals and a little bit of marketing or what's working for you for getting visible to new business. So do you have any tips for people doing referrals or anything like that? 

15:23 Do you have anything in place to give the people that refer you. New business and like let's say I got lady that referred to you on their Facebook group and three people came in. 

15:33 Do you have anything like as a thank you or an incentive that you give people? 

16:13 So with all the success that you've achieved. Like being able to bring your husband home. Being able to buy a new home. Being able to be in a position where you can home school your kids this year. 

16:24 What do you think your biggest challenge is now? 

17:21 Do you have any tips on common mistakes that you see your customers making and how we might be able to avoid them? 

18:40 Is there anything that you'd like to share that I haven't asked you yet? 








Virginia Purnell

Virginia lives in Northern Alberta on a small farm with her husband and three children. Virginia is a master funnel builder having been certified as an FG Society Master Marketer, Funnelytics, and ClickFunnels Certified Partner. She uses that knowledge to help businesses with their online presence, visibility, and sales.