EC 17: With Jodi Chaffee

EC 17: With Jodi Chaffee

20 Jul, 2020

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Hi, everyone, and welcome to the Entrepreneur Conundrum podcast. My name is Virginia Purnell. And today we have back with us Jodi Chaffee and how she helps families live more intentionally by creating systems and strategies for a thriving culture. Jodi is a seasoned podcast or homeschool mom and family culture expert. She has hosted our modern heritage, the Home and Family Culture Podcast, for three years and recently released her one hundredth episode. During this time, she has interviewed dozens of experts from Paralympic athletes to entrepreneurs and authors for more than three years. Jodi studied business culture and looked for ways to apply it to families. This resulted in a powerful framework for hacking successful cultures and applying it to families who want to live in intentionally and question the status quo. She has been featured on several podcasts presented at homeschool conferences and is a published author in a digital magazine. Welcome, Jodi

Well, like you mentioned, I have my podcast and I have to mention again that I'm relaunching as the host of the family culture movement and in the hopes to present the podcast is with a more concise objective about, you know, this movement that I want to create around family culture and the importance of having a thriving culture based on trust and constructive coping strategies and systems and strategies for tackling problems before they even happen in your families. So that's my been my obsession for more than three years. And I, I can I have developed frameworks and systems to help families to cultivate their family culture. And so that's been my obsession besides my own family, our own family culture journey that I've been on, it really was sparked by the conflicts and questions I had in my own little family as we were going through our own journey and following the path, the quote unquote success path of going to school and getting a job and, you know, those kinds of things. And that path kind of like dead ended for us. And I did what I didn't realize was that subconsciously we felt like that was the only path that we could follow, because that's what we'd always been taught growing up. And when that fact when that path ended for us and we didn't know what to do, that was where I was like, wait, what do we do? And how do I raise my kids in a way that they will be successful even if they don't follow that path. And so that's where this whole exploration of family culture came from, was how I could educate my children, raised my kids to be more intentional about their future and how my husband, Michael and I can also change our status quo from, OK, we're supposed to just follow this path like robots to no, we want to live a path that's off the beaten path for us and do things that are going to help our family to thrive and be successful even if we don't necessarily follow the status quo. 

And so that's where it all spurred from. And since then, my husband has quit his job and we're working on building our business and we actually moved in with my parents. So we're kind of doing a blended family type of thing. And. 

And so it's been a really interesting journey, but one where I've learned a ton and have really been able to develop these systems that have allowed our family to get to a place where our kids, you know, we're not perfect, but they're they're really growing and progressing. And my husband and I are really changing our our trajectory of where we're going with our careers and our happiness. And we've been able to make the transition to live with my parents and actually be OK with it. And because I know that can be scary, but we're really supporting each other in our respective life situations. And so. Yes. So that's been our journey. And it's something that we're learning a lot and growing a lot. And it's been interesting and fun. 

You just mix up the culture a bit. Exactly. Exactly. You're trying to learn all spectrums of this whole thing. 

What is the best advice you've ever received? 

Mm hmm. OK. That's a good one. So one of the first thing that first pops into my mind was when I first learned about what family culture was. I was actually a missionary for my church and I was assigned to serve in Hawaii. And that's a place where there's a lot of diversity, a lot of different cultures. And I had this experience where I went into a home of a newly married couple and they were from different countries and they were really, really butting heads with each other. And some of it had to do with some advice that they'd received that they that interracial marriages were doomed to fail. And so they were really upset about that. And they were upset about their cultural differences, kind of like they were almost believing that advice. And it really upset me because I just thought. Oh, my gosh, what am I going to do when I get married, if I marry somebody from a different country or, you know. 

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