EC 15: with Christina Szekeres

EC 15: with Christina Szekeres

06 Jul, 2020

[00:00:01] Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia PR. We're growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online. 


Virginia [00:00:09] Hi, everyone, and welcome to the Entrepreneurship Conundrum podcast. My name is Virginia Purnell. And today we have back Christina S.O.S and she helps people become financially independent through affiliate marketing. Christina is an international keynote speaker, an affiliate marketer for 15 years. She started when she was 14 and knew no English. She's an independent businesswoman and she was born and raised in Hungary and now lives in Orange County, California. Welcome back, Christina. 


Christina [00:00:41] Hey, Virginia. Thank you for having me again. How you doing? 


Virginia [00:00:47] I am. Well, how about you? 


Christina [00:00:50] And wonderful looking at the palm trees, enjoying the sunshine. Life is good. 


Virginia [00:00:56] Can you tell us a little bit about yourself again? Just in case someone was it didn't catch the last episode. 


Christina [00:01:05] Of course, of course. 


Christina [00:01:07] So I'm originally from Budapest, Hungary, I was born and raised in Hungary and I got into entrepreneurship and marketing at the age of 14. 


Christina [00:01:19] My dad gave me a book on affiliate marketing and it was written by a female entrepreneur. So I figured if she can make money with the affiliate marketing in the night, I can make it work too. And it was pretty much showing how to make money with the Click Bank offers on Google AdWords. Of course, I failed in the beginning. I kept failing and failing. But I remember the moment when I got my first check. You know, it was unreal. I was like, is this really a way? 


Christina [00:01:51] I mean, it was just an incredible moment when my when when I could finally well, the first check of my artwork. And that was like a big push to keep going and to keep trying. Long story short now I am thanks to a flea marketing, I mean, in California. And I managed to move my parents and retire here, too. So they are they move from Hungary to to California as well. 


Christina [00:02:17] Affiliate marketing and something I would highly, highly recommend to anyone who wants to work from the comfort of their home or to to who wants to travel and find the laptop lifestyle, then FDA marketing is the way to go. 


Virginia [00:02:34] Awesome. It sounds like you've been able to do some pretty good, great things with with that scope of work. 


Christina [00:02:43] Yeah, it's it's allowed me to not only to help my dad, and to actually travel around the world, but also to provide for my family and. 


Christina [00:02:56] It's just I think it's the best feeling when you can give back to her parents right now. Nothing better than that. 


Virginia [00:03:03] I agree. What's the best advice that you have ever received? 


Christina [00:03:10] That's a good one. 


Christina [00:03:12] The best advice I would say that I ever received is I always have a problem or a trouble having like a set schedule and like sticking to that schedule. And I got the add to just block two hours out in the day and get down, get done. What's the most important for that day? And even if you don't get the little things, you know, but like try to block out two hours and really dedicate to your to your work or to your business and take it from there. 


Christina [00:03:46] And don't be too hard on yourself for not doing everything that you you want to get done. 


Virginia [00:03:52] I like that part where I don't be too hard on yourself because we're always well, for me I'm always like, but he didn't get to that, that that that that I'd done. 


Christina [00:04:01] And it keeps going in your head. It can it can get to you and it can cause depression and have mental issues. And then, you know, it affects your mood and your body and all that. 


Christina [00:04:13] So I would say I don't want to be too hard on myself or don't be too hard on your colleagues or anyone much like working with you. 


Virginia [00:04:24] Good advice. Thank you. What's the best advice you've ever given? 


Christina [00:04:30] The best advice. OK, so I don't ask the question. 


Christina [00:04:34] If I had to start over again, how would I do or what would I do? Which way would I go? 


Christina [00:04:42] And I would say if I had to start over, I would doubt myself. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to treat that silly marketing as a business. 


Christina [00:04:54] There is too much in the game and the advice I would give myself is to pick one thing and one traffic source to master, or at least pick one traffic source. And master, that particular traffic switched on. Hop around between Facebook or Google or pop traffic or email marketing or affiliate marketing or whatever to pick one traffic source and become the master of it. And then you can go on to the next one. 


Virginia [00:05:25] So true. Then you have all of your focus and all of your knowledge in one place and not getting all strung out everywhere. 


Virginia [00:05:32] Yeah, exactly what big goals are you looking to achieve over the next one to two years? 


Christina [00:05:39] I love that question. The past couple of years, I've been traveling a lot and I feel like I've reached to a point where I just want to give back more. 


Christina [00:05:49] I feel like there affiliate marketing, provides such a good way of making money online that you can really follow your dreams if you want to settle down and have family that you can do a fair marketing match with, or if you want to keep traveling and exploring the world and you can, you know, use the free marketing as a source of income to pay for all of your, you know, passion. 


Christina [00:06:16] Right. So I want to I want to be able to help other people to become financially independent thanks to a in marketing. 


Christina [00:06:25] And my goal for. That's why I figured, well, is your time to really sit down. Focus. And in the next two years, that list 1000, 1000 people. Who have created, you know, financial independence with. And were you sure? That is my goal. 


Christina [00:06:47] And if it takes three years or four years, it's OK to. I'm not going to be too hard on myself. 


Christina [00:06:54] But yeah, I do have this to my timeline. What, eight months have passed from that already? 


Virginia [00:07:04] How would that goal change your business? 


Christina [00:07:07] You mean, if I reached the goal correct, it would create a sense of fulfillment. So it's not really monetary. Of course, it will have a monetary side of it, too. But my main goal is to actually achieve. And see other people being able to do what I am able to do. So I would I would say it would it would give me a big, you know, sense of fulfillment of being able to help while being able to help other people. 


Virginia [00:07:41] A great way to pay it forward. Yeah. 


Virginia [00:07:45] That's cool. What do you think, though? Is there one roadblock that's stopping you from achieving that goal right now. 


Christina [00:07:53] I love this question. The number one roadblock, as you know, is that you are asking the question as if I was talking to myself in my head. I'm glad we can help. 


Christina [00:08:07] Yeah, good luck. I mean, there are multiple distractions on the road of distractions in life, you know? So it's really, I would say, or road visuals, distractions that you need to be aware of. 


Christina [00:08:21] Well, it could be family. It could be. It could be equal focus. I would say I don't know. 


Christina [00:08:29] I'm really set on my goal and I always achieve it. Whenever I set myself a goal, I always achieve it. So I'm on achiever. And I'm in there all the time. So, I mean, you know, I show they're always like. Times when you feel like you're failing. But that failure is just a step towards winning. 


Christina [00:08:53] So I never look at failure or like a roadblock, as you know, as like the end of it. It's just learning a lesson. It's a learning curve. So I'm not really concerned about roadblocks or failure. I always look at the end result and what I want to get out of it and what I'm going to get out of it. So that would be my. 


Virginia [00:09:18] Those are some wise words that are that are in there. Thank you. You're welcome. What are you doing to get visible and to stand out online? 


Christina [00:09:31] What I do actively is I'm being active in groups that are related to ethnic and marketing or online entrepreneurship, updating my social media all the time. I get organic traffic, but I also buy, you know, Adshel, whatever I got, I want to get the word out there. 


Christina [00:09:52] I'm given that I'm an affiliate marketer. 


Christina [00:09:54] I really know how to how to buy traffic, how to buy Facebook traffic. I am able to get the word out there and get as much visibility as I want. If it really is about, you know, reaching a goal. So I do two things. I do provide a little value in groups and respond to questions that may arise, you know, regarding online entrepreneurship, performance, marketing. I also I want Edge to get more visibility to get to be known by people who may not know me yet. 


Christina [00:10:32] So I would I would say that those are the two powerful ways to get to get known in one industry. 


Virginia [00:10:41] Awesome. Thank you. 


Virginia [00:10:43] With all the success you have achieved, what is your biggest challenge now? 


Christina [00:10:51] My biggest challenge is actually to stay put, because, you know, like once you achieve a level of income, then you can get very lazy and it can. 


Christina [00:11:05] Money can get to your head. So I think I'm over that when you you know, like when you go out and spends a lot of money on stupid things like expensive bags or expensive trips that are not very necessary or I don't know when it was really awful feeling in the beginning to spend the money however I want to. 


Christina [00:11:27] But then I think a list. Is this the result of of the fact that I'm from a poor family, you know? 


Christina [00:11:36] And that I never could have like an expensive bag. And it was like fulfilling to buy one. But it doesn't really make you happy in the long term. You know it does momentarily. That happiness does not stick with you. It just becomes like an object that you already have or is having. You get used to it. Right. So once you're on a level of like convenience, comfort zone is a big enemy. So I always tried to challenge myself not to stay in the comfort zone because you don't grow in a comfort in your comfort zone. You only grow outside of it. Right. So that's one of the biggest challenges to not stay in the comfort zone.


Virginia [00:12:20] Yeah, I was going to say because it's nice in the comfort zone.  What would you like to share that I haven't asked you yet? 


Christina [00:12:34] What would I like to share? 


Christina [00:12:37] Which I would like to share if if I if I look back, you know, for some reason I. I would say, I mean, it was a it was a tough journey, but for me it was never a failure. 


Christina [00:12:53] I think my biggest takeaway would be for me or my message that I would like to send to everyone with this gash to even if you are failing at the moment, don't give up, because if you look at the long term picture, you will be you will get to where you want to be if you keep going. So there are people who give up at the first try and they're happy or who don't give up. 


Christina [00:13:19] And I would like to encourage everyone to be that person who gives up after the first try. So there is always a solution. There's always a way. I just have to find it. 


Virginia [00:13:30] Thank you. And thank you for the great interview, Christina. How can people find out more about you and what you do? 


Christina [00:13:41] Thank you, Virginia. People can find me on Or they can find me on Facebook if they type in Christina Cszekeres. Or if they go on the gram, they can find them by I am FB Queen. 


Christina [00:13:58] And they can follow me there. 


Virginia [00:14:00] Great. So, Christina, thank you again for sharing with us and we will catch you later.


Virginia [00:14:08] Hopefully everything you've got will go well for you this year on your goals. 


Christina [00:14:12] Thank you, Virginia. I was a pleasure being here. Thank you for having me. You're welcome.


Virginia [00:14:22] Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some, leave through a review and I'll catch you on the next episode. 


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Virginia lives in Northern Alberta on a small farm with her husband and three children. Virginia is a master funnel builder having been certified as an FG Society Master Marketer, Funnelytics, and ClickFunnels Certified Partner. She uses that knowledge to help businesses with their online presence, visibility, and sales.