EC 14: with Amber Clark

EC 14: with Amber Clark

29 Jun, 2020

Time Stamp

01:02:So what led you to become an entrepreneur?
03:31: You had mentioned that you approach projects differently than most. I was reading something about that. So can you elaborate on that a little bit?
05:19: What are some of the big goals that you hope to achieve in the next one to two years?
08:07: How would that goal of moving more from the done for you to your course change your business?
10:03: So what's a roadblock that has been stopping you from achieving this goal?
11:33: What are you doing to attract more business and to become more visible online?
14:51: What is the best advice that you've ever received?
17:29: What is the best advice that you have ever given?
20:53: What would you like to share that I haven't asked you?
23:25: How can people find out more about you and what you do?

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Virginia lives in Northern Alberta on a small farm with her husband and three children. Virginia is a master funnel builder having been certified as an FG Society Master Marketer, Funnelytics, and ClickFunnels Certified Partner. She uses that knowledge to help businesses with their online presence, visibility, and sales.