EC 03: with Kaci Brown

EC 03: with Kaci Brown

04 May, 2020

Virginia Purnell:

Welcome to Entrepreneur Conundrum with Virginia Purnell, where growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible. 

Hi everyone and welcome. 

Today I'm talking with Kaci Brown about how she helps businesses serve and scale through impact and integrity. Kaci is a business consultant and marketing strategist that helps visionary entrepreneurs who want to make an impact as much as an income launch, grow, and scale online. She leverages her unique experience and background in relationship marketing to help others turn their passion into a scalable, profitable business that creates a ripple effect to pay it forward in big ways. She is one of a handful of individuals selected to coach within Russell Brunson's two comma club coaching program. I click funnels and number one Amazon bestselling author, cofounder of the amplify coaching program and host of the amplify my impact podcast. 

Welcome, Kaci.

Kaci Brown:

Thank you so much for having me, Virginia. I'm really excited not only to be here with you because I love and adore your mission to serve, but it's just exciting to be a part of the podcast launch and what you're doing just to continue to, to share your message and to serve your audience in this way.

Virginia Purnell:

Thank you. I'm excited to have you here. So can you give us a quick little brief backstory on you?

Kaci Brown:

Oh, okay. So brief. My first entrepreneurial adventure was actually as a wedding photographer and that was one of the things that really taught me that whatever, whatever lane that I chose was sort of like a ministry for me. So when, and working with brides and their parents and their families, like it was such a huge milestone moment and relationships had always been really, really important.

But that was the foundation for me with my business growing 100% through word of mouth, just based on the experience of the clients and the brides and their families working with me. And so that transitioned into a little bit of small business consulting. After my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor, it was one of those things where I had to stop and evaluate my current business model and and and plans for scaling because as a wedding photographer you only have 52 weeks out of the year so you can't get any more Saturdays. And that meant as our kids got older and involved in sports, so there is a lot of evaluation process that went into it. And then with Adam's diagnosis I knew there was going to be a ton of research, dr meeting surgeries and everything like that. And quite honestly I didn't, I didn't have the mental capacity to, to juggle it all.

And it was one of those eye opening permanent perspective shifts in our lives where what is really, really important. We had already been about the type of life that we wanted to live as being an entrepreneur. We already both sort of worked from home and had that freedom. But with his diagnosis at 30 years old, it really thought it really taught us that we're not guaranteed tomorrow and all of this time that we think that we have to plan and save towards retirement, that that mindset needed just needed to shift to the here and now. What could we do to not only pour into our kids but in each other and the way that we wanted to live life right now. So with that mindset, he successfully navigated the surgery. There were some complications and he did 30 days of inpatient rehab. So it took me about five years before I really got back into business.

And was, was to the point where I was, I felt the pull, like I needed to contribute more like that, just, just that God had made me for more with the gifts and talents that I had had. I felt like I was just sort of like sitting on them and not really paying it forward. And we had felt so many blessings with just people sending love and support and cards. And, and you know, gift cards like and just rallying around our family through that time of his diagnosis and recovery, that that just became like my mission. Like how can I, how can I pay this forward? How can I help other people navigate this set of circumstances? And so that's pretty much where my path begin with the online digital scaling and consulting. I got my first client helped them scale from barely making six figures to over a million dollars and the rest is pretty much history.

I was very fortunate to join the right communities and get the right coaching and mentoring at the right time when when I knew I needed to level up at every different part and growth phase of my business, I joined the two comma club as a student and was mentored by Jorge Vasquez who was the coaching lead there. And they offered me a coaching position, which, which blew me away because it was one of those things I did not even expect or anticipate or it just, it wasn't in the game plan. Like I was growing a digital agency and somehow, not only Jorge, but the whole leadership team of two CCX and just just saw that like, and so my heart to serve like was just reinforced. Whereas like serve first build your relationships and figure out how you can always add value. And I, I just, I've never seen a negative impact or return on that yet.

So that's what we've grown and built our businesses around. That's what we teach our, our clients and our, our coaching partners to do and their business. So I feel like it's one of those things where if we can just continue to share that message, responsibility and leadership that we are making an impact and we are just increasing our capacity of spreading that message throughout the world because we can only do so much as individuals. But if we rally together and, and let people know just the power of serving first, we collectively shift the industry. That is such a powerful story and I'm excited to have you back on so we can talk more about your business more. But just for the sake of this episode right now, can you tell us what the biggest thing you do to get visible online? Yeah, so for me the biggest thing is, again, it's a foundation of relationships.

I love meeting new people. I love lifting other people up. And so I lead with the service always. It's a shift from like how can people see more of me versus how can I help others, you know, amplify their message and be more visible themselves. So it's honestly through serving that keeps us publishing and serving because I feel like we, we help bridge the gap of courage for those who are first starting out or they have an existing business that gets incredible results, but they may just not know how to, to get that message out there to Gail and reach more people with, with the solution that they have. So that's sort of like the niche that we found ourselves in and the more visible that we can be like that beacon of letting other people know, like, you don't have to be quiet.

You can, you can stand up for what you believe in. While also serving is really what drives us forward. So I would say getting visible online, keep it about what you can do for others, 100% and that's the easiest formula that you can rinse and repeat and follow.

Virginia Purnell:

I love it. I love how your focus is outward and to other people rather than just like me, me, me, me, type of idea. Thank you so much for the great interview. How can people find out more about you and what you do?

Kaci Brown:

Yeah, so we have an online community called Amplify My Impact. So if you just search Facebook, you'll find us there. And we also have the amplify my impact podcast and we've made it super crazy easy for people to find us. Just the search online at www dot amplify my impact dot com so that was definitely a blessing where everything was able to come together with our mission and purpose and, and just making it easier for people to participate and, and, and rally together. Cause we all have the mindset of together we rise and it's, it's just one of those things where we can accomplish more. Working together with that abundance mindset versus there's not enough in the marketplace like that. The saturation and the fear or worried about competition or someone's going to be better than me or take my customer or client. That's one of the biggest myths that we try to dispel with our community.

Virginia Purnell:

I love it. I love all of the working together and everyone support each other. 

So thank you again, Kaci, for sharing with us. 

Have a great day. 

Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some love through a review and I'll catch you on the next episode.


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