Deciding to enter a path that leads to freedom to an enthusiastic dynamic life with Todd Randall

Deciding to enter a path that leads to freedom to an enthusiastic dynamic life with Todd Randall

11 Apr, 2022

Here’s how Todd grew his business and inspires others to get the life that they want.

Not every entrepreneur invents a new product or becomes an Instagram influencer, Todd was a dull bureaucrat who wanted more for himself and decided maybe the doorway was exactly the path for him.

Leaving a high-profile executive position, Todd started a small retail store that he then grew into a multiple million-dollar multiple enterprise business that eventually produced the variety and freedom for him to lead an enthusiastic, dynamic life. The path wasn't easy. And it was full of decision points that could change his path for the better or worse.

Todd is also a clinician, salesperson, sales manager, business development professional, ex-pat, marketer, small business owner, multiple business owner, company founder, business broker, board member, consultant turned coach.

He made a few courageous decisions that turned his life for the better and plenty of mistakes along the way that you don't have to. He can help you find YOUR way.


Virginia  00:53 So what kind made you decide to start that entrepreneurial journey and currently the life you were on?

Virginia  06:09 So are you still doing retail now? Or have you kind of stepped away from that?

Virginia  07:26 Did you start getting your business to run without you physically being there?

Virginia  10:55 So now you're doing the coaching business. Are you helping other people be able to do the same thing?

Virginia  14:06 How do you find clients? How do you get out there? And how do the clients find you?

Virginia  18:01 What are your goals for the next year or two?

Virginia  19:12 What do you feel is your number one roadblock that might be stopping you?

Virginia 21:58 So what would you say is the best advice that you've ever received?


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