Celebrating Life Amidst Grief: Lessons Learned from a Funeral Home Upbringing with Kevin M O'Connor

Celebrating Life Amidst Grief: Lessons Learned from a Funeral Home Upbringing with Kevin M O'Connor

26 Feb, 2024


Key Questions

[00:01:34.850] - How did you get to where you are today? Because it seems like you've had a vastness with different experiences with your jobs and stuff, too. And now you have a book. Tell us all about that.

[00:05:51.820] - So with your book, how was that memory journey for you writing it?

[00:09:20.200] - What is your book, let's say, about? Is it the story that you created as you interwove all of those letters, or is it just more for you and your family, a genealogy family history type book?

[00:14:53.820] - Okay. I have to ask because this thought came to my mind when I read the overview about your book. How were Halloweens like growing up? 

[00:21:48.590] - Do you think that you have a different outlook or appreciation for death, having grown up more closely to it than a lot of other people might have?

[00:27:58.620] - You're on podcasts to market your book. Are there any other things that you're doing to help you promote it?

[00:34:16.500] - So what big goals do you have in the next year or two? 

[00:36:56.620] - Have you put all those letters and stuff on ancestry family history sites and stuff like that?

[00:38:38.710] - Well, I appreciate you being with us today. Thank you. Is there anything that we haven't touched on that you want to talk about?

[00:42:15.060] - Where can we find out more about you, your book, stuff like that? 


Episode Notes

Based on the provided conversation, here are the summary notes for the episode:

- **Guest Introduction**: Kevin M. O'Connor, author of "Two Floors Above Grief," discusses his diverse career spanning over 50 years in education, writing, and theater. He shares his involvement in various fields like mathematics instruction, LGBTQ advocacy, and theater performances. Kevin resides in Fort Lauderdale with his husband and family.

- **Early Life and Career**: Kevin reflects on his upbringing in a funeral home owned by his uncle and father, discussing how it influenced his perspective on life and death. Despite the funeral home environment, he pursued a career in education, becoming a teacher, principal, and curriculum designer.

- **Writing Journey**: Kevin talks about his book-writing process, inspired by a collection of letters exchanged within his family. He highlights the emotional journey of transcribing these letters into his book, which serves as a record of his family's experiences across generations.

- **Book Overview**: "Two Floors Above Grief" is not only a family history but also a reflection on broader themes of life, family dynamics, and historical events like World War II and the Vietnam War. Kevin explains how the book presents a thematic approach rather than a chronological narrative.

- **Personal Reflections on Death**: Growing up surrounded by death, Kevin shares his unique perspective on mortality. He emphasizes the importance of accepting and preparing for death while celebrating the lives of loved ones.

- **Marketing Strategies**: Kevin discusses his approach to promoting his book, which includes speaking engagements, podcast appearances, and local events. He emphasizes the need to actively engage with potential readers and communities.

- **Future Goals**: Kevin plans to write another book, leveraging the success of his current work. He also aims to expand his speaking engagements and share his experiences with grief and family history with a broader audience.

Overall, the conversation delves into Kevin's personal journey, the inspiration behind his book, and his efforts to connect with readers and communities through storytelling and advocacy.


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