Building Wealth through Real Estate: Insights from Brandon Cobb

Building Wealth through Real Estate: Insights from Brandon Cobb

06 May, 2024

Key Questions

(00:48) You've had a journey. How did you get to where you are today?

(02:27) You're in the real estate business now. How do you go about helping people with their long-term investments? Is that what you would say?

(04:22) How do you get in front of each of those markets?

(06:41) Are there certain geographical limitations to the people that can work with you?

(07:42) When you start working with the investors, is there a common misunderstanding or misconception that they have when they start working with you?

(09:03) Is a lot of your housing that you build in your local area then?

(09:28) Well, on that note, what are some of your big goals that you have in the next year or two?

(14:10) What do you feel is your number one roadblock in reaching that $100 million?

(15:13) What is the best advice that you have ever been given?

(17:52) On that note, do you have any other tips for hiring A+ Rockstars?

(20:33)  What's the best advice that you have ever given?

(23:53)  Is there something that we we haven't touched on yet that you did want to talk about?

(25:35) What is your podcast name again?

Episode Notes

- Podcast: Entrepreneur Conundrum

- Guest: Brandon Cobb

- Background:

  - Former medical device sales rep

  - Transitioned to real estate industry

  - Manages $35+ million in new development annually

- Journey:

  - Fired unexpectedly from previous job

  - Transitioned to real estate after realizing the need to take control of his financial future

  - Started with flipping houses, then progressed to building and developing communities

- Focus:

  - Specializes in affordable entry-level housing for first-time homebuyers

  - Aims to provide long-term passive income for business owners through wise investment decisions

- Marketing Strategy:

  - Utilizes social media and podcasts for visibility

  - Emphasizes the importance of being discoverable and maximizing free marketing resources

- Hiring Strategy:

  - Prioritizes hiring top talent over doing everything himself

  - Follows a rigorous hiring process involving scripted questions, behavioral style interviewing, and mock work days

- Insights:

  - Advocates for the "who not how" mindset in entrepreneurship

  - Stresses the importance of asking the right questions and being proactive in seeking knowledge

- Vision:

  - Aims to scale development from $20-30 million annually to $100 million

  - Focused on strategic partnerships and descaling vertical integration to achieve growth

Brandon Cobb

@hbgcapital- Linkedin

Podcast: Recession Resistant Real Estate Radio

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