Anatoliy Labinskiy: Never Give Up

Anatoliy Labinskiy: Never Give Up

15 Jan, 2024


[00:01:56.500] - Well, let's start with kind of like your backstory. How did you get to where you are today?

[00:08:20.450] - How are you able to keep going with all of those "failures" and not let all of those past failures just make you give up?

[00:10:43.150] - Can we ask what was different in that mastermind that made the difference?

[00:16:43.650] -  Who's your ideal client?

[00:21:35.150] - Do you use the same tactics to get in front of the investors as you do the brand owners?

[00:24:02.190] - What are some big goals that you're looking to achieve over the next one to two years?

[00:27:09.930] - How would those goals affect your business or change your business?

[00:29:15.170] - What do you think your number one roadblock is from achieving your goals? 

[00:30:49.870] - What is the best advice that you have ever been given - that you've ever received?

[00:32:33.810] - Do you think that there's like - could you do more of what's working? Like, hold on to it? No shiny object syndrome. Just keep your focus here. What do you think is kind of like your minimum focus? How long should I focus on this one thing for before I bring my head up or look around?

[00:38:32.550] - What's the best advice you have ever given?

[00:44:09.310] - Is there anything that we haven't touched on yet that you would like to talk about?

[00:45:44.670] - Where can we go to learn more about you and what you do?


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