Amanda Neely is Transforming Finances and Empowering Entrepreneurs with Personalized Strategies for their Wealth

Amanda Neely is Transforming Finances and Empowering Entrepreneurs with Personalized Strategies for their Wealth

23 Oct, 2023

In this captivating podcast episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda Neely, a certified financial planner. We dived into her journey from being an activist in the nonprofit sector to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Amanda shared invaluable insights on the importance of working with a certified financial planner and how it transformed her business. We also explored different strategies to reach new audiences and the significance of continuous learning in the field. Tune in to gain practical tips on managing money, improving communication around finances, and finding joy in financial planning. Join us as we discuss the challenges of standing out in a crowded financial sector and the need for more women in entrepreneurship and finance. Don't miss out on Amanda's personal story of how whole life insurance helped her navigate a business emergency without going into debt. Plus, she introduces the powerful Still Method to help you achieve your financial goals. Check out the Wealth Wisdom Financial podcast or YouTube channel to learn more from Amanda and her expertise in financial planning.


- Amanda Neely's journey from nonprofit activist to financial planner

- Different approaches to reaching new audiences through content marketing

- Struggles in managing money and improving communication around finances

- The role of low interest rates in banks and a lighthearted anecdote about crypto mining

- The importance of aligning personal and business goals and the use of whole life insurance in financial management



00:00:31 how did you get into the world of finance and to be out on your own?

00:02:50 how do you get in front of new people?

00:04:28 do you help people more with their personal aspect or do you do corporate and business stuff too?

00:07:42 Are you teaching them to your child too?

00:08:54 who's your ideal client?

00:11:54 So what are a few big goals that you have in the next year or two?

00:13:19 What do you feel is your number one roadblock?

00:14:25 what's the best advice you've ever received?

00:16:03 What's the best advice that you've ever given?

00:17:32 What are your thoughts on women in entrepreneurship and finance?

00:19:14 What would you like to share about becoming your own banker?

00:22:08 Where can you help people? Like, where in the world do your clients need to reside?

00:22:58 Is there anything that you'd like to share with us that we haven't talked about yet?

00:24:46 Is there anywhere else that we can go to learn more about you and what you do?


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