A More Connected, Intuitive You with Krishna Avalon

A More Connected, Intuitive You with Krishna Avalon

12 Sep, 2022

Today on Entrepreneur Conundrum we have a very special guest.  This guest is guiding people to become their best healed, whole, connected selves. Helping seekers find their path.

She is a Licensed + Intuitive Acupuncturist who has treated and coached 22K+ patients and clients for anxiety, stress, pain management, fertility, sleep disorders, digestive issues, and allergies. 18+ years of experience delivering breathwork, acupuncture, and meditation services. Currently expanding to business, life, and relationship coaching to serve as a guiding light to acupuncturists and health, healing, and wellness

She is also a Psych-K Facilitator with the ability to utilize psych-k methodologies and practices to help people transform their subconscious mind into a powerful tool that can help people live and create the life they deserve. Experience in coaching people to transform stress, trauma, and self-limiting beliefs to help them realize their self-worth and future potential. 

And this is just a part of the incredible list of Krishna Avalon's ways of helping people.  I hope you enjoy this episode.

Key Questions:

Virginia 01:44

Tell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey and how you came to be where you are?

Virginia 06:21

So how did you move over into the psyche, Psych K aspect and stuff like that?

Virginia 10:22

So how have you been getting in front of your ideal clients?

Virginia 12:17

So what are a couple big goals that you're hoping to achieve?

Virginia 14:33

Do you think that there's a roadblock kind of in the way of helping you or getting you where you want to be?

Virginia 15:31

What is the best advice that you've ever been given?


So why is it important for them to work coherently together? 

Virginia 26:37

 I've never had a Psyche - K treatment before, what would I expect to go in? What I don't know what it's like? So I'm a little apprehensive. What could I expect going into one?

Virginia 32:02

Is there anything that we haven't touched on yet that you would like to share with us?


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